SIDUS: NFT Heroes vs. Sandbox 3D: An honest review by a video game addict


The addition of NFTs in video games is a clever trick. It combines two of the most important aspects in life; entertainment and making money. It also adds economy to a game, allowing players to trade or buy NFTs.

Today, we set our eyes on two NFT games: Sandbox 3D and SIDUS: NFT Heroes. There are thousands of NFT games out there today, but for the purpose of this article, we’ll focus our lens on these two.


Sandbox 3D is a voxel-based gaming platform comparable to Minecraft and Roblox. 

Voxel graphics are preferred by indie and low-budget game developers because the abilities required to build one are relatively easy to acquire and require little or no understanding of programming.

Voxel is a term that refers to a certain type of graphics. A voxel is a three-dimensional value in three-dimensional space.

Players will be charged a cryptocurrency called SAND in return for in-game treasures and other bonuses in Sandbox 3D. Each collectible sold will be subject to a commission by the Sandbox 3D creator.


In comparison to previous NFT avatar projects, SIDUS: NFT Heroes offers its players a variety of action and revenue streams, not to mention awesome visuals that are out of this world.

For the first time ever, a blockchain game has been built using WebGL. Interactive 2D and 3D visuals can be rendered in any web browser using this technology. High-quality 3D art and a high-performance engine are supported in the web browser that is not far off that promised by   Unreal Engine 5.

SIDUS Heroes is not just a battle-based game. The SIDUS community has a variety of avenues for self-expression for those who want to build rather than destroy. They can be scientists, political officials, tourists, farmers, and even presidents.

All of these variables combine to create an NFT Heroes collection that has the potential to garner significant attention and position the project for success in the booming NFT collectibles and gaming sectors.


Sandbox 3D is just another pixelated game meant for children. Its graphics are mediocre, considering it is already 2021. Sandbox 3D was released in 2012.

Serious gamers don’t settle for silly-looking games that only tickle the fancy of young minds. SIDUS Heroes is created as a full-package visual galore that serves up a hearty amount of adrenaline action and storyline that Sandbox game addicts won’t even comprehend. 


The visuals and gameplay that SIDUS Heroes showcase are way up there.

It’s not voxel-based because the owners and software engineers at SIDUS are way more intelligent (and they have lots of money, too!) than just creating something so flat and simple that could discourage their fans.

SIDUS is not voxel-based because — come on — IT IS SIDUS and it is a technological work of art that uses WebGL and high-quality 3D performance engine. The game is created to kick a*s!

It’s the graphics that bring home the bacon, the cool narrative and the sound of explosions and all the mayhem in between — that’s what sells — and not some boring block-faced characters who seemed lost in their own habitat. 

SIDUS has all the nice ingredients that keep the imagination running. And this writer knows he’s not even supposed to be comparing it to Sandbox. They’re two different animals, and SIDUS just happens to be the wilder one. Heck, it’s almost unfair to even compare Sandbox to SIDUS.


Meanwhile, the stereotypes about gamers being fat and doing nothing all day other than sitting in front of the PC make sense because of SIDUS Heroes, and this writer means it in a good way. 

If you’re looking for some serious entertainment that will make you seated for long periods of time, SIDUS Heroes is the game.

(And, if the world is “reset” all of a sudden and there are no PC games to play other than Sandbox 3D, this game addict would be the healthiest man alive). 

Go figure.

SIDUS, anyone?

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