Sigma’s Maestro Challenge for ‘Overwatch’ revealed by Blizzard

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Challenge skins in Overwatch are always a big hit for fans as these are very rare and come by only during the duration of the event. Blizzard is about to start a new one, and this time, it features everyone’s favorite music loving tank.

Just recently, Blizzard revealed via the Overwatch Twitter account that there’s going to be a new challenge skin up for grabs. The skin will be for Sigma, and here’s everything we know about it so far.

Event start date

The event will start on July 14, but no end date has been posted yet. The start of the Sigma’s Maestro Challenge coincides with the usual start date for the Summer Games event in the game. Surprisingly, Blizzard is yet to start any of the skin reveals or teases for the upcoming seasonal event. That being said, many are concerned that Blizzard will forego the event entirely.

To get the special skin, and its accompanying player icon and spray, players will need to win nine matches in total. The matches can be from any mode in the Arcade. It can also be acquired at the Classic and Competitive Play modes. However, it cannot be gotten from any modes in the Game Browser.

It’s most likely that the event will run for two weeks. Players should try and team up with their buddies online so that they have better chances of winning.

The new skin for Sigma in Overwatch showcases the character’s relationship with music. As players of the game know, Sigma sees gravity, the universe, and physics as being akin to music. There are many call-outs in the game to Sigma’s love-hate relationship with music, and the new skin is perhaps the most blatant representation yet.

New album now live

To commemorate the event, Blizzard also launched the Cities and Countries music collection, which is now available at the official website of the game. It features all of the sounds and music from the maps in the game, so it’s a must for long-time fans. Even better is that the music collection is free.

The Overwatch Sigma’s Maestro Challenge is going to give players more reason to get their hands on the game within the next weeks. While the event itself is exciting, fans are still eagerly anticipating the launch of the Summer Games’ next iteration, which should be at around this time.

Image used courtesy of Overwatch

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