Signal rolls out a new update, version 5.3, for iPhone users

Messaging app Signal just rolled out a new version 5.3 update for the iPhone users. It brings some new and exciting features.

According to News18, Signal has just released a new update with version 5.3, only for iPhone users. It will arrive for the Android platform soon in the coming days. The latest version brings new features and options within the app interface.

Since its popularity surged in the last month, the app’s developers are always working on making it even more user-friendly. Plus, they are also making sure it remains as secure as possible.

Signal: What’s new in v5.3 for the iPhones?

Speaking of the latest update, the instant messaging app has added customizing chat wallpapers. The “About” section is also revamped. Call functionality and downloads will be handled in a better way from now on.

Plus, there’s a new setting for Low Data usage during Signal calls on the iPhones. It will be useful when the user runs out of high-speed data or not having a stable connection. Also, it applies to unstable Wi-Fi connections as well!

Attachment downloads just got the pause and resume option. So you can decide when to get a large file someone sent you over the app. If you don’t have a high-speed connection, you can pause it to resume downloading it later. Image compression and quality algorithms are also improved. From now on, any picture you send or receive in the app’s chats won’t lose the original quality.

Most importantly, for those who use share sheet and suggestions a lot on iOS devices, there’s a new feature. Signal has now added an offer for the app in the share sheet when you want to share something from another app. That will be useful for anyone who uses this function heavily on iPhones.

Moreover, the chat list previews now enable you to see a sender’s name in the group chats. It might help you in deciding which threads to open first.

Speaking about Android, then the current app version available on the platform is 5.2.3. It will soon receive the 5.3 updates.

Future to be driven by privacy!

In the last month, many messaging and other social media apps witnessed bans or decreased usage from their users. And it’s all due to the importance of privacy. The most affected app is WhatsApp, currently owned by Facebook. The most popular instant messaging app has seen a large shift of its registered users switching to alternatives after revealing a controversial privacy policy last December.

And since then, the Signal app has witnessed unbelievable traffic in downloads, both Android and the App Store.


Image courtesy of TechZG/YouTube 

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