‘Silent Hill’ arrives in yet another horror game crossover DLC

Silent Hill has promised fans and released a trailer that teases a new franchise in the series, hinting at a new arrival.

Multiplayer horror game Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals have teamed up with Konami for a spooky fest. They have decided to plan a Silent Hill themed DLC to excite fans over their upcoming release.

The details have not been shared yet

The details of the additional content have not been disclosed yet. Developer Glowstick Entertainment has said that their upcoming showcase will soon be released as fans need not worry.

There has been an accompanying video teaser. The teaser shows the ever-known crackle of radio static. The video even includes the lines,

“In my restless dreams, I see that town… Silent Hill.”

Silent Hill has been a fan-favorite since its release. The upcoming trailer that has been launched might indicate that a new game is in the works.

However, there is a hint of a twist in the trailer. The obscure texts hidden in the image for the trailer might be depicting a new teaser for Silent Hill 3’s cinematic adaptation.

The trailer ends with a brief shot of the first game. Even though the gameplay can be noted from the first, fans have shared that the shot might be from any of the three franchises of the series.

The latest crossover is the new deal

The crossover comes as a new deal from a similar thought shared by Dead by Daylight last year. Moreover, Pyramid Head appeared as the second sequel in the Dead by Daylight series, which was basically based on a Silent Hill DLC theme.

Players could catch a glimpse of the same old sinister new map and a familiar survivor. In similar news, Konami has said that they will not shut down their video game production.

Due to an internal restructure within the company, which led to the consolidation of its production divisions, Konami has released a statement saying fans need not worry about anything.

Earlier this week, the news revolved that Konami was going to shut down their announced plans on dissolution for their three productions. The decision was taken in response to the rapid market which surrounded the team.

ICYMI, Keiichiro Toyama, the director of Silent Hill, has left PlayStation after more than working over for 20 years.

He formed a new company, which now goes by the name of Bokeh Game Studio.


Image courtesy of Glowstick Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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