‘Silent Hill’ rumors emerge suggesting a PlayStation 5 release

'Silent Hill' rumors emerge suggesting a PlayStation 5 release

Industry insider Dusk Golem is confident that a reboot of the popular horror franchise Silent Hill is currently in development for the PlayStation 5.

Rumors of an upcoming Silent Hill revival on the PlayStation 5 have been making the rounds on the internet for months now, due in part to renowned leaker Ryan “Dusk Golem” Standford (also known as AestheticGamer).

The insider has been known to get the scoop on confidential details about major video game franchises including Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

Details the leaker is confident about

So far, Dusk Golem has reported—with certainty—that Konami had been actively seeking funding, as early as 2018, for two Silent Hill projects. One being a reboot of the beloved survival horror series, and the other being an episodic adventure akin to Sony’s Until Dawn.

Towards the end of 2019, the insider received word from a close friend that a Silent Hill title was being developed in Japan since the beginning of the year.

Information Dusk Golem believes, but cannot ascertain

According to a verified source, the upcoming Silent Hill title is being developed by Sony Japan Studio with series’ creator Keiichiro Toyama at the helm. The team includes franchise veterans Akira Yamaoka as the game’s composer and Masahiro Ito for the artwork.

Several developers from the Siren and Gravity Rush franchises are also rumored to be working on the project. The horror game is set to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, and already has a playable demo which will likely be revealed after the title’s announcement.

The new project has nothing to do with Hideo Kojima or the Playable Teaser (P.T) that served as a precursor to the now-canceled Silent Hills.

Hideo Kojima and the Silent Hill that never was

There was recent chatter that suggested that Hideo Kojima and Konami were in talks to revive the scrapped Silent Hills game.

According to Dusk Golem, however, Kojima had multiple offers to fund his next project which made it more likely that he would pass on the series’ return. With his recent tweet, the insider went a step further and said that Silent Hills “probably is not happening.”

Despite Dusk Golem’s certainty in his investigation and confidence in his sources, all the information should be taken with an ounce of skepticism. It is hearsay, after all, since an official Silent Hill announcement has yet to be made by either Sony or Konami.

Image courtesy of Konami/Twitter

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