Simon Cowell bad news: Music mogul to be bedridden until next year

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell needs to stay in bed for the next few months to ensure that his back injury will not worsen in any way.

The entertainment industry will not see Simon Cowell return anytime soon as the music mogul needs more time to recover.

According to a report published by The Sun, Cowell is currently taking powerful painkillers to alleviate the pain. Furthermore, he is required to stay in bed while being monitored by nurses.

Meanwhile, another speculation rose, saying that his current health will require him to be in bed for six more months.

Since he is in a lot of pain, he could not even record a single video message for America’s Got Talent.

“It’s been a rough few weeks,” a friend told The Sun. “Simon’s a fighter and fairly gung-ho. Naturally, he thought he’d be out of action for a few weeks and then, if not doing iron man contests, at least be back on the showbiz circuit.”

He, reportedly, wanted to tape messages for AGT and Britain’s Got Talent. But he does not want to come out on national TV without makeup and while on medication.

Since at least two of his vertebrae have been damaged, it is more complicated for him to return immediately. He, unfortunately, declined producers’ requests to record videos for the show as well.

Where is Cowell now?

When the 61-year-old record executive faced the dreaded accident, he underwent a successful overnight operation.

During that time, his physician put a metal rod in his back to support his spine. This helps Cowell to prevent further damage as well.

Since he came out of the hospital, he stayed at his Malibu mansion with his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman.

More Cowell update

In August, Howie Mandel said that his co-star is doing well. He then confirmed that he was already walking around and taking baby steps.

Cowell’s friend Sinitta also gave the same update to Entertainment Daily, saying that the judge is already on the mend.

“It was a serious accident. So for people who love him, like me, it was very, very scary. He’s taken some steps, so he has reassured himself that he’s not paralyzed,” she said. “But he’s got to take his time and get well.”

The music mogul also turned himself to use healing crystals while healing slowly.

Featured image courtesy of See Li from London, UK / CC BY ( Commons

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