Simon Cowell planning to propose to Lauren amid Mel B affair: rumor

Simon Cowell is, allegedly, planning to propose to his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Silverman.

According to Heat, Simon Cowell didn’t think that he would ever get married. But he’s serious about Silverman that’s why he wants to pop the question soon. However, no concrete pieces of evidence can confirm that these hearsays are correct as of this writing.

“After all the affair rumors, Simon’s realized he wants to show the world how strong his relationship with Lauren is by proposing. He never thought he’d get married, but she’s made him so happy by making him a dad and now he wants to marry her,” the unnamed source said, as per Heat.

Did Simon Cowell cheat on Lauren Silverman with Mel B?

Before these claims, there were rumors suggesting that the 60-year-old cheated on Silverman with Mel B.

Several tabloids claimed Cowell and Mel B’s alleged affair took place while they were both judging on America’s Got Talent.

Simon Cowell allegedly became closer to his girlfriend amid the lockdown

Simon Cowell allegedly became closer to his girlfriend amid the lockdown

The source said that Cowell and Silverman became much closer to each other because of the rumors. And they have also been spending a lot of time together because of the coronavirus lockdown.

“Simon and Lauren have never been closer and if he’s learned anything over the past few months, it’s that family is the most important thing. He’s loved hanging out with Lauren and Eric. They’ve shown him how much fun it can be to just be at home, spend time with each other and have fun and not worry about work,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that having Eric was life-changing for Simon Cowell. And the producer is happy that he now has a mini-me, who can eventually take over his business.

The producer allegedly wants a baby girl with Lauren Silverman

According to the source, Cowell is ready to have another child with Silverman. And the couple, allegedly, wants a baby girl.

“Ideally, he’d love a little girl and everyone says they can see him with his own little princess. He feels getting married and having a daughter would complete their family,” the source said.

On Father’s Day, Eric, reportedly, wrote an adorable letter to his dad. Cowell said that it’s his most favorite thing in the world.

Simon Cowell’s thoughts on marriage

However, one should still take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. Cowell and Mel B didn’t have an affair.

It is also untrue that Simon Cowell is planning to propose to Silverman. During a previous interview, he said that with anything in life, he tends to just let things happen instead of planning them.

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