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Simon Cowell secretly marrying Laura Silverman after Cheryl Cole affair: Rumor


Simon Cowell and Laura Silverman have been together for years, but they have yet to get married.

Even though this is common knowledge among Cowell’s fans, tabloids have still been insisting that he’s planning a secret wedding. However, Simon Cowell has not yet shared his plans to wed Silverman.

Simon Cowell, Laura Silverman are not married

Almost a year ago, National Enquirer claimed that Cowell and Silverman were going to tie the knot in a secret ceremony. However, there was no follow-up to the dubious story because it never happened.

Still, the tabloid claimed that Cowell was open to the idea of giving Silverman a massive wedding if this is what she wants. The couple shares one child.

Laura Silverman allegedly changed Simon Cowell for the better

The tabloid also said that Cowell has become warmer and fuzzier because of his long-time girlfriend.

“She keeps him grounded and focused, and Simon’s openly referring to her as his better half as well as his soul mate. They did have a few hurdles to overcome in the early years, but that’s all behind them now,” the source said.

However, Gossip Cop quickly debunked the claims made by the tabloid. They said that Cowell and Silverman are still together, but they have not tied the knot.

Cowell’s ex-girlfriend, Sinitta also doesn’t think that he and Silverman would tie the knot anytime soon.

Did Simon and Cheryl have an affair?

Years before this unfounded rumor made headlines, author Tom Bower claimed that Simon Cowell had an affair with Cheryl Cole. The two worked together on X-Factor for three years.

Cowell previously admitted that he was smitten over Cole. He also shared that Cole used to visit him in his dressing room, and it felt like the singer played her.

“She would come in dressed in her tracksuit and slippers, drop her eyes and play the soulful victim to get around me. She played me. When she walked over, I felt I was the mouse with a beautiful cat. I adored her. And as she got her own way, it drove Louis Walsh mad. Louis warned him: ‘These girls are actresses. They’ll get you to do what they want,'” Cowell said.

Unfortunately, Cole never reciprocated Cowell’s interest. According to The Sun, the singer even looked at Cowell as her uncle.

Sinitta also weighed in on the rumors that Simon Cowell had an affair with his co-judge on America’s Got Talent, Mel B. The former said that the two were just friends.

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