Simon Cowell so close to being paralyzed after bike accident, source claims

Simon Cowell was still lucky after his bike accident because he was only a centimeter away from being paralyzed.

Simon Cowell had an accident on Saturday that led to a six-hour surgery. Despite what happened, an insider claimed that the America’s Got Talent judge was still lucky. Cowell injured his back and was very close to snapping his spinal cord, an insider said.

Simon Cowell almost snapped his spinal cord

A friend of Simon Cowell spoke with Mirror and revealed that the accident was serious. His back was broken in several places, and he narrowly missed his spinal cord “by a centimeter.”

“I spoke to him before the surgery and he was in incredible, ridiculous amounts of pain and also in shock. His back was broke in several places, but he is actually very lucky,” the source shared.

“He fell flat on his back and the doctors say the impact missed his spinal cord by about a centimeter and it could have been a lot, lot more serious.”

Cowell underwent hours of surgery

The same source revealed that Simon Cowell underwent surgery for six hours. Since his condition is serious, it remains unknown when Cowell could return on TV. Cowell’s fellow “AGT” judges are already back on filming the talent reality show.

“He was in surgery for six hours and they had to put a metal rod in his back and fix a number of things. He is recovering in hospital now and we expect him to be there for a few days and then he will take things from there,” the source added.

“It is too early to say when he will be back on TV.”

Cowell’s spokesperson also confirmed his hospitalization and his broken back.

“Simon has broken his back in a number of places in a fall from his bike whilst testing a new electric bike in the courtyard of his home in Malibu with his family. He was taken to hospital where they operated overnight, he’s under observation and is doing fine,” the spokesperson said.

Cowell offered unsolicited advice

Simon Cowell got injured after his electronic bike crashed. He took to social media and offered “good advice” to those planning to buy one.

“If you buy an electric trail bike, read the manual before you ride it for the first time,” he wrote.

Cowell also thanked those who sent him kind messages after the accident. He also thanked the doctors and nurses who attended him, describing them as “some of the nicest people I have ever met.”

Image used courtesy of s_bukley/Shutterstock

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