Simple shutdown leaves customers to go haywire without account access

Customers are facing difficulty in accessing their accounts as Simple shut down this Saturday.

Simple, the online banking platform shut down on Saturday and was expected to seamlessly transfer every transition of the customer’s account back to the parent account of BBVA.

However, many users were unable to access their accounts. When users were entering the credentials to access the account, BBVA showed up an assortment error.

Errors were showing “system error” to warnings that the information given is invalid.

The transition from Simple to BBVA is so poor that the website of BBVA shows up with a red banner. Undoubtedly, the Simple website also works the same.

The Simple website shows up a red banner, apologizing for the inconvenience, increasing the customer’s waiting time.

What does the banner on the BBVA website say?

On the BBVA website, the message reads that the company is sorry for the issues. It says that the transition from Simple to BBVA has not been smooth. They are aware of the issues and are trying to fix them as soon as possible.

Simple started its services for the customers in 2012. This bank was expected to provide a digital-first approach.

A co-founder of Simple said the bank is” a bank that doesn’t suck.” This bank had its website and application, which helped the customers to spend, pay, send money, and save. However, BBVA purchased the company in 2014.

BBVA decided to shut down Simple later in 2021. The company took this decision on account of “reassessing the goals.” The spokesperson of the company said that the accounts transferred from Simple to BBVA.

Closure of Simple leads to several technical faults.

But due to some technical faults, users weren’t able to log in to their account. Furthermore, people started login into their accounts on both; mobiles and the website.

However, due to the simultaneous login attempts and technical issues, the call center department of the company was overwhelmed with lots of calls; and made users waiting for a longer duration than expected time.

Debit cards, ATMs, cheques, and scheduled transactions worked properly even after the online access wasn’t feasible. Undoubtedly, only the mobile and application were encountering some of the issues.

The company is sorry for all the issues being faced by its users. In addition, the company has also said that it will extend the call center services.

The company will also hire more people in the call center to control the users’ calls efficiently. Without a doubt, Simple will restart the services sooner by eliminating all the technical issues.


Image courtesy of Eddie Yoon/YouTube

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