Six ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ tips to get started

Six Ghost of Tsushima tips to get started

Ghost of Tsushima dropped on the PlayStation 4 this weekend, and it is selling like hotcakes. For those who are yet to play the game, here are six tips to get started.

First, a quick background of the latest PS4 game to hit the charts: Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure game created by Sucker Punch Productions for the PlayStation 4. As it arrived, the search for Ghost of Tsushima tips is on.

Since its release, Ghost of Tsushima is creating a buzz in the gaming world. Its reviews are mostly positive. To back up its excellent gameplay, it already climbed to the 17th spot as the best scored PlayStation 4 exclusive.

With that being said, here are the six Ghost of Tsushima tips to gain a head start. These are just recommendations, though, feel free to play the game uniquely.

Ghost of Tsushima tips are helpful for beginners

1. Your resolve meter matters

The resolve meter is the equivalent of mana in other role-playing games. It is the one responsible for every skill made and other special moves. Healing is also taken care of by the resolve meter.

Conserve the resolve meter as it is the source of instant healing. It would be a shame if it gets drained in the middle of the fight.

Having a lot of resolves is also not ideal. Use it as much as possible but be aware of its capacity. Try to maintain it below max.

There is a way to fill the resolve meter during combat. Players should take note of when to parry attacks and when to slay. These two actions help in refilling the resolve meter.

2. Prepare rapid button presses for the bamboo mini-game

There is a mini-game in Ghost of Tsushima that helps in leveling up the resolve meter. It might sound ridiculous, but taking on bamboo slicing challenges increases the resolve meter capacity.

It is not hard, though. The mini-game requires a series of buttons to be pressed to complete. The challenge can be played again and again so do not worry about failing.

3. Roam around with the traveler’s attire

The traveler’s attire is given during the main quest. Keep it in the inventory. It is an essential item when exploring the map.

This attire has a neat feature. The controller rumbles whenever a collectible is nearby. But, it only works whenever the traveler’s attire is worn.

4. Level up armor to unlock new cosmetics

There are several cosmetic options in-game. But, there will be a lot more once the armor is leveled-up.

Armors in Ghost of Tsushima are all viable options. Pick anything to wear, and it still works as great as others.

However, leveling it up one or two levels provide an immediate increase in power. Take note that keeping a samurai outfit and a traveler’s outfit is the ideal combo in-game.

Ghost of Tsushima tips for roaming around

5. Upgrade the kunai first

The kunai is a very small weapon. But it is one of the most powerful tools to get early on the game.

Once unlocked, the kunai allows quick kills on several targets. Leveling it up makes it even better.

6. Supplies rule everything

There is an in-game currency in Ghost of Tsushima. However, the supplies are the most important ones to consider.

Supplies are needed for every major upgrade to be done. Sure there are currencies required, but supplies are universal.

Want to upgrade an armor? Supplies are needed. Before every upgrade, make sure that there is enough left in the inventory.

Ghost of Tsushima is the bomb that gamers need during this time of the pandemic. It is a great game that is taking the PlayStation community by storm.

Hopefully, these six Ghost of Tsushima tips will help in the first few parts of the game.

Images (1) (2) (3) courtesy of Ghost of Tsushima/PlayStation

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