Skybound Games denies rumor claiming ‘The Walking Dead’ new installment

Protagonists to 'The Walking Dead' Final Chapter

In light of the rumor suggesting that a new installment into Telltale’s The Walking Dead is in the works, Skybound Games breaks expectations by saying that the series is not coming back.

Skybound Games earned the rights to the series in 2018 to continue where Telltale Games left off with its last two episodes. Skybound Games consequently finished the Final Season of The Walking Dead with episodes, ‘Broken Toys’ and ‘Take Us Back.’

The Final Season was subsequently also released on current-gen consoles as a physical release.

A Longstanding Series of Games

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series began in 2012 and since then has expanded to four seasons across 19 chapters. It follows the story seen in the comic book, featuring a colorful cast of personas.

As a series known for featuring a dynamic set of characters, one figure stood out from the rest due to reoccurrence. Clementine, a girl who started off as a kid in Chapter 1 subsequently became a staple throughout the series.

Audiences who played the final chapter of The Walking Dead would recall Clementine as a teen who grew so much from her unique ordeal. Her apparent growth also showed the influences of the people who have had a significant presence in her life.

But as ‘teen’ is ever hardly the portrayal of most stories’ ‘final chapter,’ many are hoping that there’s next to the overall tale. The expectation might have been raised when a rumor circulated the internet stating that ‘The Fatal Frontier’ chapter is being made for the series.

Regardless, as the last words often come from the developers themselves, it was up to Skybound Games to confirm its authenticity.

Broken Hopes

Apparently, it is just that—a gossip.

In an official word sent out via tweet, Skybound Games officially declared the rumor as untrue. The company proclaims that no such project is in place. There had been no plans for Season 5, to begin with.

Far from just being blunt and crushing. Skybound Games appears to acknowledge everyone’s enthusiasm over the alleged new chapter installment.

The actual word itself is indeed disappointing. But we should count ourselves lucky for having seen the series’ conclusion at least. If not for Skybound Games having taken the initiative to take over, we would all be left puzzled at how the game ends.

For latecomers who are still completely oblivious to the series’ tales, count yourselves pampered. The entire series gets a definitive collection. Well worth checking out if you are keen on catching up and experiencing the series from start to finish.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/Telltale Games

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