SLUHN relies on Microsoft Video Chat amidst crisis

St. Luke’s University Health Network equipped medical beds with Microsoft Video Chat. The ongoing pandemic triggered major adjustments to medical treatments. It also caused drastic changes in how medical professionals work.

COVID-19 restricted convenient treatment procedures for different diseases. It is why SLUHN shifted to a more suitable medical process,

SLUHN Protecting Doctors and Patients

The pandemic brought a lot of panic and threat to people around the world. Most governments decided to impose total lockdowns to flatten the curve. It took place to help hospitals enough time to cure COVID-19 patients.

Hospitals controlled close contact operations to patients with different diseases. It is because it increases the possibilities of COVID-19 exposure. The hospital shifted to Microsoft technology to adapt to the ongoing pandemic. It happened to help the communication between doctors and patients remain convenient.

SLUHN secured their medical beds with a Microsoft device. The device helps doctors communicate with patients from different parts of the hospital.

COVID-19 also affected patients with different diseases. SLUHN equipped its hospital with Microsoft Video Chat. It occurred to provide doctors convenience when they treat other patients. This way, they will not have a hard time changing medical suits several times.

The hospital implemented this solution to protect everyone in SLUHN. The adaptive solution maintains less physical contact in the hospital.

Microsoft Video Chat in SLUHN

There are more or less 100 Microsoft devices in SLUHN. The Microsoft Video Chat allows patients to talk with their doctors in any place. It helps a lot of doctors conserve time because of the rampant increase in COVID-19 cases.

Microsoft video chat provides convenience to everyone in St. Luke’s. Microsoft also follows the medical privacy rules. It gives security and assurance to the hospital.

This adaptive solution brought a good number of good results for the hospital. But, some patients are having a hard time coping with the answer. The elders are having a hard time catching up with what they have to do to communicate with their doctors. But, the hospital still tries to make it work by making minimal adjustments. That is, by teaching these patients to adapt to the current solution of the hospital.

Microsoft Video Chat does not only help doctors talk to their patients. It also helps the medical staff conduct virtual meetings. People in the hospital consider this medium useful. Microsoft Video Chat guides people in the hospital to make everything work. It assisted a lot of doctors and nurses in their work despite the ongoing pandemic.


Images courtesy of Edward Jenner/Pexels, Business Wire/Pexels

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