SM C&C launches new brand business with SM Entertainment celebrities

The SM Culture & Content (SM C&C), a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, launched its new brand commerce business.

SM C&C announced a brand that will produce and sell products made by the SM Entertainment celebrities, the “CELEBRAND”.

The celebrities’ products appeal to their hobbies and interests and sell them through Naver’s online store.

SM celebrities teaming-up with SM C&C

BoA and her product, called Little Bird, will be the first collaboration for CELEBRAND. The Little Bird is a scarf BoA made since her interest was to help children in need and mentorship.

The proceeds from the Little Bird will help the children in need as donations. This is through Naver’s Happy Bean in honor of BoA’s 20th debut anniversary.

Another CELEBRAND collaboration includes actress Kim Su Hyun’s lip tint for the target market teenagers.

Also, the organic toothbrush product of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul’s is bamboo-made. And lastly is Girl’s Generation’s Yuri’s home exercise equipment.

Furthermore, SM C&C’s marketing experts and other relevant areas experts will be working on the new brand CELEBRAND to ensure its best quality.

They worked with the celebrities ensuring that their ideas would come to life and align with the market trends.

CELEBRAND plans to expand quickly after this first round and will release three new products each time.

SM-affiliated celebrities from SM Entertainment, KeyEast, Mystic Story, and ESteem can collaborate on the brand.

How to get a hold of the products?

Moreover, potential buyers and consumers can view the product’s production process through video content in Naver.

They will open their site and share the stories behind celebrities’ making for coming up with the ideas.

Also, they will reveal the planning of the product’s design and its production on December 7. It is in line with the current trend in enjoying commerce as its form of content, “content commerce.”

The products are accessible through Naver’s smart store. It is where consumers who subscribed to the channel receive benefits.

The CEO of SM C&C Nam Goong Chul said that the company does not plan to stand still in advertising and business areas but instead aims for new things in “content combination business.”


Image courtesy of SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

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