SM Entertainment announced November debut of Aespa

A new girl group, Aespa, will be debuting next month, SM Entertainment, recently announced.

SM Entertainment released an intriguing and mysterious teaser and as well as a logo for Aespa. The fans’ anticipation is mounting up as the agency teased the upcoming girl group’s debut.

Why call it aespa?

On that morning, SM Entertainment officially announced that Aespa is the new girl group’s name and revealed that it would be making their debut in November.

The agency explained the meaning of the name Aespa. It came from the words “avatar,” “aspect,” and “experience.” It defines the ability to experience a new world through an avatar of themselves.

From the word “aspect,” it also means that the group has different sides. Moreover, they will be marking SM Entertainment’s new girl group since the debut of Red Velvet in 2014. And it is also the first new group since NCT’s debut last 2016.

The stylish logo and teaser

On October 26, from the official Twitter account of SM Entertainment, the agency retweeted two posts from a new Twitter account called Aespa.

In addition to the new stylish logo, SM Entertainment also unveiled a dramatic teaser clip for Aespa: Intro. It prompts a flurry of speculations on what the agency has in store.

Some fans have eagle eyes and recognized the logo from the ending shot of the recent One (Monster & Infinity) music video of SuperM. Taemin is also teasing fans in their reaction video, where they said it is a big spoiler.

The agency is preparing for something big, which made SM Entertainment change its official YouTube channel’s header with the logo of Aespa. They shared the new logo and video clip on its official Instagram account too.

Fans are speculating that Aespa maybe the name where SM Entertainment announced last year that a new girl group that will be debuting sometime in 2020.

Image courtesy of aespa/YouTube Screenshot

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