SmartThings Find in the global market for locating all your Galaxy gear

Samsung is bringing a new service to its gadget users by launching SmartThings Find to help you find all the kissing gears around you.

Samsung’s SmartThings Find just a continuation of Samsung’s Find My Mobile app in which you were able to look for your missing phone.

However, in SmartThings Find, you will be able to find all the Samsung gadgets or devices, including smartphones.

You will be able to locate Samsung tablets, earbuds, smartwatches, and many more that belong to Samsung’s franchise.

Previously, Samsung launched its trial application in the US, UK, and South Korea, but now Samsung claims that SmartThings Find is now capable of launching globally.

How does SmartThings Find work?

The access to this application will depend on the market and carrier. Keeping those uncertainties aside, the one thing which we should know is that SmartThings Find uses the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-Wideband (UW) services or techniques to locate the missing gadgets.

This application is available to Samsung users having Android 8 or any later android versions.

Once the users register themselves with the SmartThings Find application, they will access all the missing Galaxy gadgets even when they won’t be connected with the mobile network.

Though Samsung hasn’t commented much that whether the application will locate the devices or gadgets powered off, the SmartThings Find app will show the missing tools on a map just the way Apple’s Find my Software do.

Extra features expected

Once the user is close enough to the missing gadget, they can command the device to “ring,” which will ease locating the phone.

In addition to this feature, you can also set the phone to intensify the screen as it comes closer to the missing gadget. Below, you can watch a small video of how this app works.

This week, Samsung claimed that this service would be globally in the market as an update for the Galaxy users and Samsung tablet users if they have Android 8 or any compatible version over it.

Right now, this application is only limited to Galaxy devices, but Samsung claims that by the next year, it will even be able to locate the “tracking tags.”

This will help increase the application’s ability to hunt any object or device you attach to a tag. SmartThings LTE trackers were available and launched in 2018.

This application will make life easier, especially for the clumsier section, which usually keeps losing its Galaxy gadgets.

Image courtesy of UzFoto/Shutterstock

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