Snapdragon 865 benchmark leak teases new Xiaomi smartphone

Snapdragon 865 benchmark leak teases new Xiaomi smartphone

A recent leak from the benchmarking website AnTuTu reveals a Xiaomi smartphone running on a Snapdragon 865 chipset.

The leak led many to believe that the device is indeed the rumored Mi 10 Pro Plus. Based on the leaked benchmark results, the Snapdragon 865 packs some serious performance upgrades.

The tech community immediately jumped into the topic after the leak found its way on multiple social media platforms. It appears that the chipset is just the standard Snapdragon 865, and not the upgrades 865+ variant. Nevertheless, the benchmark result is enough to prove that the chipset is indeed powerful.

Breaking benchmark records

The highest benchmark score on AnTuTU is that of the Asus ROG Phone with its X Mode activated. That particular test netted an astonishing score of 621,000 points. To put that in perspective, the leaked Snapdragon 865 chipset scored a whopping 687,000 points.

It is also important to remember that it is not the Plus variant, but rather the standard base model. Qualcomm may be reserving its bigger guns for a later release this year.

Benchmark score aside, what caught the attention of many is the model of the mysterious device. The device bears the model number M2007J1SC. This led many to believe that it might be a new addition to the Xiaomi Mi 10 series of smartphones.

Recently, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun teased the tech community that a new Mi smartphone is on the way. Rumors claim that the device might be the Mi 10 Pro Plus. The recent leak proves that Xiaomi is working on something big and powerful.

What to expect

Mr. Lei confirmed that the upcoming Mi device would have a stereo speaker and upgrade screen refresh rate. The smartphone will also use an on-screen fingerprint scanner and new cooling mechanisms. The phone will have a headphone jack, an infrared port, and a 4500mAh battery pack.

The only thing missing is the phone’s chipset. Earlier this year, rumors claim that Qualcomm will not release a new Snapdragon chipset. However, recent benchmark leaks prove that rumor to be wrong.

Word around the community is that Xiaomi will release a new flagship smartphone next month. The exact model and specs of the smartphone are still relatively unknown. Nevertheless, this did not deter people from speculating.

The emergence benchmark leak proves that the Snapdragon 865 chipset is real. However, it is still unknown what device will use this powerful set of hardware.

Featured image courtesy of Masaru Kamikura/Wikimedia Commons

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