SNES Mario, Donkey Kong, Jr. join party in ‘Mario Kart Tour’

Mario Kart Tour's Super Mario Kart Tour event

The SNES version of Mario and Donkey Kong, Jr. is joining the roster of Mario Kart Tour as the Super Mario Kart Tour event goes live.

Originally announced during the Mario 35th Anniversary last week, the event sees the two characters at their original 16-bit sprites. Which makes for a nice twist amid a background of full 3D environment. It pays tribute to the spin-off racing title that was released back in 1992—Mario Kart.

Coinciding the rollout of the event, a trailer was released which shows Mario and Donkey Kong, Jr. in their own unique wheels. Mario rides his original kart which has a 16-bit aesthetics. Meanwhile, Donkey Kong, Jr. is aboard a barrel-shaped kart but contrasts in a smooth 3D render.

True to Semi-3D Roots

More than just a homage to the past with a visual downgrade, both playable characters also stick true to their Mario Kart animation style. Whether it is steering the wheel from side-to-side, reacting to enemy attacks, or simply doing some wacky moves, the two sticks to their 2D animations.

Like previous campaigns which see entry and exit in Mario Kart Tour, Super Mario Kart Tour is but just a temporary happening. With just nearly two weeks of being live, players have until Sept. 22 to enjoy the affair. But while short-lasting, the matter will see individual players having the chance to add the duo in their roster permanently.

Accompanying both two unlockable characters’ debut in Mario Kart Tour are original tracks from the original racing title. An essential element that fuels to the nostalgia of veteran gamers or at least of those who had the chance encounter with the original.

Landscape Mode

Players who also had played Mario Kart Tour previously and are returning for the Super Mario Kart Tour experience will surprise to see a more recent addition to the game. Unlike before which only lets you play the game on portrait mode, a new feature makes it playable landscape mode. Which means being able to immerse oneself in a wider screen via horizontal orientation while playing.

Being able to experience the game on a bigger is indeed a boon for players. More so to those who find the vertical orientation offering very limited visibility. It is such a welcome feature that those who tried it may never want to encounter it any other.

Mario Kart Tour is a free-to-play game with microtransactions, which you can get at the App Store.

Image used courtesy of Nintendo Mobile/YouTube Screenshot

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