‘Snowpiercer’ TV series confirmed release date


The popular Snowpiercer movie that starred Chris Evans becomes a new adaptation as a Netflix original TV series.

Netflix confirmed that the series will reach the home screens this month. Snowpiercer is based on the 2013 movie of Jon-ho which showcases a dystopian and post-apocalyptic era.

The thriller takes place in a moving train, Snowpiercer, which travels the earth boarding the last of the human population. Josh Friedman who is most known for his Terminator series is responsible for developing the new series.

Although the project began in 2016, there were delays in the production because it appears that Friedman got replaced by the new showrunner, Graeme Manson. Manson reshot the pilot series and expected to arrive in 2018. However, as delays piled up, the release was moved to 2020.

Snowpiercer plot

Snowpiercer follows the story of the last human existence boarded on a train that never stops. The train keeps the human population safe inside the train while traveling the frozen planet.

The earth was already destroyed and was suffering from a man-made ice age. Although there is only a small population boarding the train, the population was divided into a hierarchy. Snowpiercer also unveils those who are in the upper class and those that are in the lower class.

The struggle within the system came as the lower class tries to take over the management of the train. The plot explores the subject of social justice and class oppression.

Snowpiercer cast

Similar to the movie, there are two main casts in the series. Battle Angel star, Jennifer Connelly, and Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs lead the show.  Connelly plays the first-class passenger, and Diggs plays the drug-addicted prisoner. Based on the trailer, Diggs becomes involved in the revolution.

Snowpiercer Netflix international release

Snowpiercer will air on all Netflix country-subscribers outside the US and China. The first two episodes of the series will arrive on May 25. The TNT TV network will air the series every Sunday in the US. Right after it aired in TNT, Netflix will add the episodes in the morning.

Will Snowpiercer air in Netflix US?

There is no verified information yet if Netflix US will be able to air the series. However, there is a big possibility that Snowpiercer will be added sooner. The first season of the series will likely air in Netlflix in 2021, shortly before season 2.

Snowpiercer season 2 is already in the works so fans are in to see more of the series.

Image Courtesy Of Netflix/Youtube Screenshot

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