‘SnowRunner’ Rift update adds new contents, devs celebrate 1 million player milestone

SnowRunner Rift Update release

SnowRunner, the popular off-trucking simulator, is getting additional content to its game via a major update, including new contracts, maps, and updates, which coincides with the game’s garnered success after surpassing a 1 million-player achievement.

Mad Dog Games’ truck driving simulator has gone a long way in just more than a month post-release. Launched on the Epic Games Store just last April, the game now sees a player base that exceeds expectations.

A Massive Update

Dubbed the “Rift,” the update is essentially made for additional expansion to the base game that takes place in the Taymyr region. The additional setting is painted as a picturesque “rocky canyon” which comes “with old mining villages and dangerous cliffs.”

But while the region is dotted with garages to store trucks into, Rift does not have any. Significantly putting a layer of difficulty for players when needing to traverse the new map’s vast and varied expanses.

Simultaneously, the game also gets further gameplay elements with the addition of available contracts and upgrades to find. This gives players hours after hours of in-game experience. A feature that especially appeals to the diehard fans who want more out of the game.

Although the main highlight of the update is indeed to add new elements into the game, it also comes with other beneficial improvements. This includes major bug fixes and a slew of new features. Such as multiple save slots, locale transitions in multiplayer mode, feedback on peripherals, and working mirrors.

Successful Franchise

SnowRunner draws from the relative success of its predecessors, Spintire and MudRunner, which got a generally positive reception. Both titles feature some challenging experience with off-road trucking. The theme of the game revolves around going from point A to point B doing missions on a large vehicle.

Having a simple premise of going from one spot to the next maybe the game’s common objectives. But each task isn’t necessarily a smooth and easy feat. Obstacles are presented along the way, which substantially impedes the player’s navigation—thereby giving each quest its unique difficulty and peril.

Those trials include driving across mushy muds, moving through bodies of water, going on an elevation, and even preventing accidents. All of these elements, while surmountable at the right executions, tend to also be an overall hindrance that could break one’s game.

The game, therefore, not only demands early mastery of the game’s simple mechanics but also a lot of patience as well. As even the most experienced players in the game can commit mistakes still.

Image used courtesy of Focus Home Interactive/YouTube Screenshot

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