‘Snyder Cut’: Fans support director amid online outrage

Before the Snyder Cut on HBO Max’s official arrival, a virtual premiere was scheduled. Sadly it didn’t happen.

Following an unexpected cancellation, there was an online outrage from many people. Addressing the issue, director Zack Snyder himself issued an apology on his Twitter. The Snyder Cut fans immediately came forward in his defense, saying it wasn’t his fault.

The film hit the streaming service, HBO Max, on Thursday.

‘Snyder Cut’ fans are standing with the filmmaker

A few days ago, Zack Snyder had announced that a virtual premiere would take place, with fans and some press members.

However, on Monday, HBO Max’s services crashed even before the Snyder Cut premiere event.

Zack then issued an apology on his Twitter account. And he said that he didn’t know about the problem at all.

Meanwhile, following this inconvenience, various social media users started bashing him and the movie. There was much outrage among those who wanted an early screening of the Snyder CutΒ and didn’t get it.

Eventually, the Snyder fans decided to come in full support of the director. And as per them, he didn’t do anything wrong since it wasn’t his fault.

All die-hard Justice League fanatics, under his tweet, extended their support to him.

Here’s what some of them wrote on Twitter. Scroll below to see the reactions.

New DC projects in the future

Apart from the hugely-anticipated film, Warner Bros. is also planning for a vast universe based on DC comics.

It seems like the future slate is already set as well, with multiple projects. While some are going through the production process, others are yet to start shooting.

Some of the most-awaited upcoming titles from WB are The Suicide Squad, The Flash, Black Adam, and Shazam 2.

The Batman is already done with its filming, so it’s great news for those hyped for the Robert Pattinson movie. It’s helmed by master filmmaker Matt Reeves and is currently scheduled to be released in March next year.

Other crucial films to start their production soon are Aquaman 2 and Wonder Woman 3. The former is the sequel to 2018’s blockbuster first installment directed by James Wan. He will return once again with Jason Momoa, who will also reprise his iconic role of Arthur Curry.

Are you excited for the ultimate, unseen cut from director Zack Snyder?

Drop your reactions and all the inner thoughts on our social media handles.


Image courtesy of HBO Max/YouTube Screenshot

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