‘So I’m a Spider So What?’ Episode 19: The reincarnations’ reunion

So I’m a Spider So What? Episode 19

There will be a big reunion in So I’m a Spider So What? Episode 19. After the previous episode teases a get-together, will it involve all of the reincarnations?

So I’m a Spider So What? Episode 19 will be titled “I Guess, This is a Class Reunion,” which seems to suggest what will happen next in the series. After the intense previous chapter, it looks like the new one will be lighter and happier.

The return of the reincarnations

According to Epic Dope, the new installment may feature some of the reincarnations coming together.

Also, after Nameless has successfully healed herself, he may cure all the sick people in the city. If she has successfully done so, she may earn the name the Divine Beast for healing everyone.

The impending war between the two dominant religions may begin anytime as So I’m a Spider So What? Episode 19 may feature the next step to it.

Lastly, Shun may finally discover what his best friend, Kyouya, has become, while White’s true identity may also be revealed.

Episode 18 recap

So I’m a Spider So What? Episode 18 shows Kumoko’s past, where he recreated her body and traveled inland. She eventually made Keren County her home, where the vampire Sofia, Shouko’s reincarnation, grew up.

Kumoko tried her best to protect Sophia by killing a group of elves, The Cinemaholic noted. Later, the news about the Nightmare of Great Elroe Labyrinth spread all over the country.

Potimas Harrifenas, the elves’ leader, and Dustin LXI, the Word of God’s head, heard about the news.

Back to the present timeline, Shun and his group finally reached Sariella.

The scene was then cut to the past, showing the Keren County, where the main religion worshipped the goddess and considered spiders as sacred.

Dustin worshipped the same deity, but he refused to adore the spiders.

Later, the scene showed Kumoko at her nest when a weak woman showed up at her front door with a sick child.

They asked for her help, to which she gladly obeyed. She healed the mother and child, not knowing the news about it would spread.

The next day, Kumoko woke up with a lot of people in line, waiting for her help. Will she be able to help them all and heal everyone who is sick?

Find out when So I’m a Spider So What? Episode 19 drops on Friday, May 21.

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