Social Media has amplified idiots, says ex-Google CEO Eric

Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt just gave his true opinion on social media platforms in the modern-day world. He said that they have amplified “idiots and crazy people.”

According to Deadline, Eric Schmidt recently spoke at the Wall Street Journal conference. And there, he talked about social media networks in terms of the modern-day.

Telling his true thoughts, he said:

The context of social networks serving as amplifiers for idiots and crazy people is not what we intended. Adding further, he also said that “excesses” of such platforms might result in huge regulations.

He also shared his thoughts over the US government recently suing Google. He believes that the action is “misplaced,” but that such future regulations will keep coming. And that it will keep happening unless the industry deals with it together.

Furthermore, he said that according to him, Google is not blocking any competition.

“Google’s market share is not 100%.”

The present-day scenario of social media networks

The opinion of Eric Schmidt over social media portals and their excessive usage shows a larger picture. He said that most people using such platforms are idiots and crazy these days is no joke.

Eric is one of those involved in bringing the social media world to the public many years ago. But little did he know that the effect will turn out in a manner as it’s currently happening.

Hate and viral content ruling the internet nowadays

Most of the time, right now, it’s only negative and viral content ruling the networks, no matter what. Yes, a handful of intellectual people also use social networks in a relevant way, but the number is not huge.

It’s obvious, too, as the general public is only attracted to what’s trending. People don’t care about what’s the purpose of something going viral. They hop on to it just because it’s viral! Videos, posts, and tweets, spreading hate messages and conflict, get high receptions and arguments.

On the other hand, good thoughts and actions are largely ignored almost every time. The unwanted and excessive dependence on social media platforms has resulted in people’s non-productivity and brains.

It seems like in the coming years, the governments of major countries will imply strict rules on their usage. It means that people will be monitored and restricted in their daily internet routine. And if that happens, it will be the darkest phase of freedom of expression. However, it’s the people themselves who are currently engaging in irrelevant online activities.

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