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Sofia Richie ready to give a tell-all about the Kardashians: rumors


Sofia Richie and Scott Disick have been together for three years. Although there are rampant rumors about their split, they’re still very much together. However, there are claims that the 21-year-old model is planning to give a tell-all interview about the Kardashians.

Last year, a tabloid claimed Sofia Richie was, allegedly, eyeing to reveal all the shameful secrets about the KarJenner family. As she is sometimes seen with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars, is there any truth about it?

An alleged shameful revelation

NW previously reported that the fashion designer would reveal a tell-all if her boyfriend would leave her for Kourtney Kardashian.

“Sof didn’t sign a confidentiality contract, so she’s free to talk to whomever she wants,” an alleged source said. “That’s exactly what she’ll do if Scott makes a fool out of her.”

Lionel Richie’s daughter, allegedly, has “this weapon up her sleeve,” although she’s not sure if she’ll ever use it. As she believes the “pulse in their relationship” is now gone, she’s already prepared for her revenge.

As Scott Disick’s girlfriend for years, Sofia Richie knows all the dirt about him and his ex-partner’s family. She knows their partying habits, who they stoop on to get on the top, and the real deal about KarJenner girls’ surgery procedures.

Allegedly, the 36-year-old television personality told his girlfriend about these things when he’s drunk. And if he leaves her, she will also tell everything about his ego, how he treats women, and the backstabbing he does about the Kardashians.

“It’s amazing how two-faced Scott is to everyone in his life,” the source added. “Sof’s starting to realize what a snake he truly is.”

Sofia’s alleged private journal

Sofia Richie, allegedly, kept a private online journal, where she wrote all the scandals and crazy tea about them. This way, she could never forget anything about it. Despite her readiness, she still hopes that she’ll never have to make a tell-all.

“The moment her fears are confirmed, she’ll sing like a canary,” the tipster continued to say. “And it won’t be pretty.”

Gossip Cop debunked this claim, explaining a year after it was made, no tell-all interview ever happened. Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are still in a relationship. More legit insiders even said she’s friends with the Kardashians family.

“Everyone understands and sees that Sofia makes Scott happy, and that is important to them,” a more reputable source told E! News. “She has become friends with all of them now. It’s one big happy family.”

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