Sofia Vergara thrilled her stressful embryo battle with Nick Loeb is over?

Sofia Vergara thrilled her stressful embryo battle with Nick Loeb is over?

Sofia Vergara is, reportedly, thrilled that her court battle against Nick Loeb is finally over.

According to Us Weekly, Loeb lost his final appeal to gain custody right of the two pre-embryos he and Sofia Vergara froze together when they were still in a relationship.

“Sofia’s so relieved she can finally put this chapter behind her. The battle was stressful and demoralizing at times,” the source said.

Sofia Vergara confident she would win

The insider also said that Vergara knew deep in her heart that she would win the case.

“Sofia never doubted that eventually, reason would prevail. She’s grateful to her team of lawyers and support system for getting her through this,” the source said.

Sofia Vergara wants to have a baby with Joe Manganiello 

Sofia Vergara wants to have a baby with Joe Manganiello

Now that the custody battle is over, Vergara is, allegedly, looking forward to starting a family with Joe Manganiello.

“Sofia is just so in love with Joe. She can see he’s a natural with kids, but they’ll talk through their options and make that decision without any pressure,” the source said.

The exes’ court battle ended in March

Last month, People reported that Vergara won the court battle, which means that Loeb cannot use the embryos without her consent.

The couple underwent IVF together in 2013, but they also split just one year later. In 2015, Sofia Vergara wed Manganiello.

However, Loeb wasn’t thrilled with the judge’s decision. He said that the judge was influenced by Hollywood, which is a pattern that he would expose in his upcoming project.

“It’s sad that Sofia, a devout Catholic, would intentionally create babies just to kill them,” he said.

But the court documents also revealed that the exes signed a form saying that both parties had to agree if they were to do something to the embryos.

Loeb alleged that he signed the form under duress. But the court said that the document is not voidable based on his defense.

He also alleged that he and Sofia Vergara had a verbal agreement that would allow him to use the embryos. However, the court said that this couldn’t be proven.

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