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‘Solo Leveling’ Chapter 138 to feature one of the most-awaited battles in Japan arc


Solo Leveling Chapter 138 will feature another intense battle between Hunter Sung Jin-Woo and the King of the Dungeon.

The manga’s past episodes have been casually featuring a fight between the hunters and the giants. Now, things will get pretty intense as Solo Leveling Chapter 138 is inching closer to the ultimate battle that the Japan arc is about to feature.

The intense fight fans are waiting to see

According to TV Season Spoilers, fans have been waiting for the two’s fight to happen. Aside from the impending battle, the new installment will reveal some of the much-awaited events that fans want to see.

It will delve into the fight between Jin-Woo and the dungeon’s boss. However, it remains to be seen if he will help the Monarch or go head-to-head against him.

Jin-Woo has defeated Legia, and now Japans owes the hunter a considerable debt. To pay for this, Jin-Woo asks for the right to conquer Japan’s gate this time.

Will it happen in Solo Leveling Chapter 138? If it does so, Jin-Woo will finally have the right to move freely.

Chapter 137 recap

In Solo Leveling Chapter 137, Black Smoke’s sudden disappearance stopped Jin-Woo to make Shadow Extraction, OtakuKart News noted.

He already had an idea that it would happen in the end. So, he raised his hand and told Yoo Jin-Go to stand still.

The latter obeyed his order, but Jin-Woo started to hear some voices. “My King, it is I,” the mysterious voice said.

Later, Sung Jin-Woo realized it wasn’t the voice of an enemy when one of his most powerful summonses appeared in front of him. Surprisingly, it was not one of the giants as expected but his Shadows.

He felt relieved knowing it was not a major enemy. However, he couldn’t deny that it confused him as its energy had surpassed Beru’s presence.

While looking at it, another power shockingly emerged, together with a bolt of lightning. Jin-Woo then felt a surge of a tremendous storm of magical energy as the boss of the giant rose again.

He then eyed Jin-Ho to make sure he was safe. Thankfully, his Shadow was protecting him from being blown away.

Fans are about to see Solo Leveling Chapter 138 on Wednesday, Feb. 3, or Thursday, Feb. 4, in some regions. This is the episode that they surely won’t want to miss as it will feature the arc’s one of the most-awaited battles.

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