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‘Solo Leveling’ Chapter 146: Jin-Woo, Thomas’ fight of the century


Thomas Andre and Jin-Woo’s battle will continue in Solo Leveling Chapter 146. Will the latter manage to win over the Goliath?

Thomas’s pride is seriously hurt, so he badly wants to redeem himself by killing off Jin-Woo. Will he manage to do it in Solo Leveling Chapter 146, or can Jin-Woo turn the table?

The fight of the century

Jin-Woo and Thomas’ fight is considered to be the battle of the century. Jin-Woo will then remember what Kamish told him about the four humans with the rulers’ superpower.

Is Thomas one of these rulers?

According to Recent Highlights, if this is indeed true, their fight will be a battle between a ruler and a sovereign.

However, compared to Thomas, who may only have an ability bestowed by the rulers, Jin-Woo possesses an incredible full sovereign power.

All the summoned shadows start changing toward the scavenger guild and Thomas. The latter blows Iron away and looks for Jin-Woo.

When he finds his enemy, Jin-Woo pulls his demon king shortsword and stabs Thomas but fails.

The sword does not affect Thomas’s body, making him stunned and puzzled. Thomas effortlessly blows Jin-Woo away and uses invisible force to make him stumble at full speed.

Anyhow, Jin-Woo manages to pull Thomas and uses his power to slam his body from above. This move surprises Thomas, knowing his foe has the force of an authority rank hunter.

The fight will continue in Solo Leveling Chapter 146, and fans can expect it to be pretty intense with their incredible strengths and abilities.

Chapter 145 recap

Jin-Woo finally found Jinho’s location, so he teleported using Shadow Exchange. He quickly punched Hwang Dongsu and saw the badly-injured Jinho, lying almost unconscious on the ground.

Jin-Woo used a healing potion to help Jinho recover, but it would be of no effect as he had below 10% HP level.

He then asked for help, but to no avail, Epic Dope noted.

“Did you kill my brother and his teammates?” Dongsu asked when he suddenly appeared in front of him.

Frustrated with Jinho’s situation, Jin-Woo crushed Dongsu’s face to the ground.

Thomas then arrived and asked him to let go of Dongsu. He then warned Jin-Woo he would use his force if he wouldn’t let go of him.

Jin-Woo then challenged Thomas for a fight, which the latter accepted without hesitations.

Jin-Woo gave Jinho to Igris and Kaisel to bring him to the nearest hospital. Scavenger Guild then arrived, and a hundred Elite Hunters backed up Thomas.

As their battle began, it would continue in Solo Leveling Chapter 146, which would drop on Thursday, April 1.

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