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‘Solo Leveling’ Chapter 155: The preparation for mysterious gate’s opening


A massive gate has opened in the Seoul sky that may bring out the three Monarchs in Solo Leveling Chapter 155.

Even Jin-Woo has no idea what this gate contains, so he prepares himself to battle whatever monster it will bring out. As rumors have it that it will be the three Monarchs, can he face them all in Solo Leveling Chapter 155?

The mysterious gate

Beru now joins Jin-Woo’s training to level up his ability and go against the Monarchs.

As the Shadow Monarch is now living inside Jin-Woo’s body, fans may have an inch of idea how strong these Monarchs are.

Three Monarchs are hunting Jin-Woo as of late. So, he may get the help of Thomas Andre and Lennar Niermann, two of the best hunters in the world.

As they are now in Seoul, can they bring the enemies down altogether in Solo Leveling Chapter 155?

New chapter spoilers, theories and more

According to Recent Highlights, the whole country of Seoul is getting ready to stop the enormous gate when it officially opens up.

The strong hunters around the world have now gathered in the said nation to control the situation if it gets worse.

They know that if they cannot stop the gates from opening, the world has a big chance to end.

Jin-Woo takes advantage of the moment that the gate remains close. He opts to train for a bit.

However, he later decides to go on a date with Cha Hae-in and enjoy a walk in the park after peeking in her bath.

As all eyes are on him, he summons some of his shadow soldiers to guard them.

He then calls for Kaisel and asks Cha to hop in so that they can go somewhere silent, private and more beautiful.

But as he is away, something terrible happens in Japan. The frost Elf has been wreaking havoc on all of Seoul and no hunter can stop him.

Will Jin-Woo return to the city in the new chapter in time to save everyone or will it be too late? Can the Elf successfully destroy the country?

Find out when Solo Leveling Chapter 155 drops on Thursday, June 10, per Anime Manga News. It can be seen on Kakao Page Magazine and some Reddit threads to read its English version, though fans are strongly advised to get it from its official sources.

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