‘Solo Leveling’ Chapter 155: Will Jin-Woo, Thomas Andre fight together?

Solo Leveling Chapter 155

The mysterious gates that opened in the sky of Seoul will still take everyone’s attention in Solo Leveling Chapter 155.

After failing to get into the gates in the previous chapter, will Sung Jin-Woo manage to enter it in Solo Leveling Chapter 155? Does his failure to do so have something to do with the S-rank dungeons?

The Mysterious Gate Opening

Jin-Woo’s warning to block all the historical drama channels makes Beru’s face looks hilarious.

But aside from this, fans want to know more about the mysterious gate in the sky.

According to Epic Dope, Jin-Woo’s failure to enter the gate may be the S-rank dungeons’ rule about the gates.

It then imposes a question in everyone’s mind about the whereabouts of the S-ranked hunters. Some ask if they will be coming together at Jin-Woo’s place or his guild.

There are also theories they are preparing for something big, like a colossal battle, due to the mysterious gate’s opening.

By the looks of it, what will happen next will be insane. So, fans hope to see Jin-Woo and Thomas Andre fight together when the alleged huge fight finally happens.

Chapter 154 Recap

The doctor hopes the sudden appearance of the gigantic gate would never bring tragedy to everyone.

Jin-Woo then unleashed his power ring to start investigating the mysterious gate. However, he seemed to be surprised that he could not get passed through it.

It seemed like a wall or a barrier blocked him from entering it, OtakuKart News noted. He decided to break whatever was blocking his way but to no avail.

He then started to wonder what kind of gate it was, knowing a Monarch like him could not breakthrough.

Jin-Woo believed the creatures inside might be different from what he already saw. This made him realized how dangerous could it be, putting the world’s and his family’s safety in great danger.

Chief Woo Jin-Cheol then came and called Jin-Woo. However, as they could not talk properly, he just asked him to call him instead.

The two then went to the high altitude and Sung said he would call Cheol the president.

Though Cheol seemed to get used to the praise, he still believed it was not worth working in this office.

Jin-Woo and Cheol shared a word about the gates and Hunter Association. Cheo then revealed another gate had emerged.

Does this mean there will be more gates opening in Solo Leveling Chapter 155? Find out when the new installment drops on Thursday, June 10.

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