‘Solo Leveling’ Chapter 157: Can Jin-Woo save Thomas Andre?

Solo Leveling Chapter 157

Jin-Woo may save the day in Solo Leveling Chapter 157. Thomas Andre will face the giant monster that is wreaking havoc all over the place.

Jin-Woo doubts that the strongest hunter in America can defeat an enemy this strong. So, he may come to his rescue in Solo Leveling Chapter 157.

The Battle against a Huge Monster

According to Epic Dope, Jin-Woo believes Thomas Andre cannot stand the monster when he releases his shadow.

So, Goliath may get beaten and Jin-Woo will come to save him. At the very last second, he will shadow exchange with his soldiers to defeat the enemy.

Jin-Woo feels a shadow monarch wandering around and it may be the Frost Monarch who killed Chairman Go Gun-Hee.

It can be felt through Jin-Woo’s remark. The monarch is also yet to return after what happened.

A lot is now happening in Solo Leveling Chapter 157. A vast gate is now over Seoul, the Korean Hunter Association Guild’s president is killed and a shadow monarch is now lurking.

As Jin-Woo seems to be everyone’s only hope amid all these, can he save the city and everyone?

Chapter 156 Recap

OtakuKart News noted Solo Leveling Chapter 156 started with the appearance of the mysterious gate in the sky.

A strange B-Rank Hunter in the Korea Hunter Association started to worry about the Monster Gate that could open any minute.

This guy knew he could not let his guard down, knowing the position he held. He then felt the presence of a dangerous Hunter and asked who was close to him.

Other Hunters started to think there was a brawl with the huge Hunter, called Ma Dong-Uk, they saw.

They then talked about the remaining Hunters in Seoul. They believed this one brave Hunter was crazy enough to face an enemy bigger than him.

They were torn between calling an ambulance and rescuing the guy if something happened. However, they thought he was inviting death to himself.

The B-Rank Hunter told Ma Dong-Uk to apologize after stepping on someone. He then reminded him of his status and never to look down on him.

He stressed he was not like other Hunters who would do everything for his boss. As Ma Dong-Uk seemed annoyed, he opened his mount and cut the Hunter’s head using his teeth.

Everyone witnessed what happened and they started to wonder why Mad Dong-Uk did it.

As the Hunters started to shout what occurred, what happens next could be seen when Solo Leveling Chapter 157 drops on Wednesday, July 7.

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