‘Solo Leveling’ Chapter 158: Will Jin-Woo finally arrive?

Solo Leveling Chapter 158

The Beast Monarch is now wreaking havoc in Seoul and everyone is waiting for Sung Jin-Woo to come in Solo Leveling Chapter 158.

The beast has already defeated Jin-Woo’s shadow soldier. As Lennart Niermann intervenes, can they finally bring the monster down in Solo Leveling Chapter 158?

The Fight Against the Monster

Despite being weaker than Andre Thomas, Niermann saves him from the Beast Monarch.

As The Goliath himself has no chance to bring the enemy down, can Niermann do it? If he has the guts to do it, does this mean he has a hidden power that he will reveal?

Jin-Woo has been missing in action throughout the ordeal. He already knew of the attack in the previous chapter, so he is maybe planning how to beat the enemy.

According to Epic Dope, Solo Leveling Chapter 158 may reveal how he will come into the fight and save everyone.

The Beast Monarch goes into a beastification process, so there is a possibility that necromancers are around.

Can Jin-Woo take them all down?

Chapter 157 Recap

Fans saw the fight between Andre and the Beast Monarch in Solo Leveling Chapter 157. Jin-Woo already heard the news about the monster’s attack from Chairman Woo Jin-Chul.

He wondered who was facing the monster, OtakuKart News noted. A respected hunter then arrived in another country and asked about the evacuation situation.

The low-rank hunter said the evacuation was still ongoing and another revealed they had the Fled and The White Tiger Guild dispatched.

The hunters had gathered, so it would be difficult for the east to surrender. The low-rank ones told the Hunters Guild to continue protecting the citizens while they were evacuating others.

The respected hunter knew how powerful the beast was, but Andre had already made his way.

The National Level Hunter faced the monster, but the latter got the best of him.

The hunter felt its massive presence was more powerful than the one he felt before during the Jeju Island Raid.

So, he wondered what kind of monster he was fighting against. Later, Andre received a massive blow that made him fly, though he had maintained his balance.

They continued the fight and exchanged powerful blows. Andre then transformed into a new version of himself.

Anyhow, the monster did not back down and showered him with solid hits. Andre found it hard to defeat the beast, so could he make it?

Will Jin-Woo finally arrive?

Find out when Solo Leveling Chapter 158 releases Wednesday, July 14.

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