‘Solo Leveling’ Chapter 159: Can Jin Woo take three monarchs down?

Solo Leveling Chapter 159

Fans are about to witness an intense fight in Solo Leveling Chapter 159.

The Solo Leveling Chapter 159 spoilers have now dropped and it hints at a fight between Sung Jin-Woo and the Beast Monarch. Lennart Niermann is now questioning why he faces the enormous beast, but thankfully, Jin-Woo finally arrives.

Warning: The following content is now full of spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Jin-Woo’s Fight

According to Recent Highlights, Jin-Woo will prove that only he can handle the monarch.

Knowing the monarchs are the strongest foes the series has to date, an all-out battle is about to occur.

Jin-Woo is now ready with Kamish’s wrath and he knows there is no time for him to rest. He must face the threat that the Monarch of Frost brings, as three other monarchs have been planning for an attack.

The Monarch of Frost will unleash the golems, while the Monarch of Plague will unveil the parasitic insects in Solo Leveling Chapter 159.

The latter will make human spiders monsters out of corpses and it will put everyone in danger.

Jin-Woo will start his attack using all his speed that quickly reduces the enemy’s numbers by using his shadow army frozen.

He will then fling himself toward the Monarch of Frost, but the beast monarch will face him.

Seeing that he is only one in this fight, can Jin-Woo take these three down?

In the new chapter’s raw scan, Jin-Woo is seen getting swarmed by enemies. He will surely have a hard time facing all of them at once, so will he get some help in this fight?

Chapter 158 Recap

The beast got madder when humans started messing up with him. Lennart and the other Hunters felt relieved that Jin Woo finally came to handle this big bad.

The Hunters assured Jin-Woo they were fine as Thomas faced the beast on his own, OtakuKart News noted.

The hero then noticed the beast arrived to kill everyone and he got company. Alternatively, the monster wondered how Jin-Woo could use the Superior Being while in a man’s body.

It started to think if the Administrator had something to do it, knowing it had been a long time since the Shadow Monarch crafted a deal with him.

The time then came that Jin-Woo and the beast had to face each other. The latter wondered if Jin-Woo could eat humans when another beast arrived.

This guy was curious how another Monarch would taste like. The King of the Snow Folk asked the Monarch of Frost about it.

These guys were the ones who were planning to kill Jin-Woo before he could have new powers.

As the Monarch of Frost was responsible for Go Gee Hun’s death, Jin Woo would surely take his revenge.

Solo Leveling Chapter 159 will drop on July 22 on Kakao Page Magazine.

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