Somebody bought World War 3’s $5 million “President Pack” for its perks

World War 3 official trailer

Someone with lots of money to burn has bought himself a few unique privileges by purchasing World War 3’s $5 million-worth “President Pack”.

Imagine what a $5 million money can get you. Probably, a nice house, a guaranteed education through college, or even multiple trips overseas—or even a combination of any of these. But if you are someone rich, you’d probably spend it in a game that promises some perks. For one particular player of the shooter title, World War 3, the latter seems to be the case.

Ticket to CBT

Developer Farm 51 has just recently announced the upcoming CBT for World War 3. But there’s a catch to those who’d want to participate in it—eager players will need to purchase a kit to join in on the fun. There are 5 kits to choose from in total, each of which varying in price and perks.

The cheapest one could earn you a spot in the closed beta for as low as $14.99, which comes with minimal advantages. It only gets significantly costlier the higher you go with the tier and the more benefits come with it. But if the $299.99 “Major Pack” is not expensive enough, then prepare to burn through your wads of cash with the “President Pack” costing $5 million.

A real-life memorabilia Ronin’s Helmet, access to CBT, lifetime Battle Pass, and lots of in-game currency may not be good reasons enough to spend millions to a game. Also, not forgetting to mention about the unique aesthetics in-game. But the President Pack is more than just these bundles—it also offers so much more, it could make history, literally.

Is it a joke?

Not entirely sure if said pack is meant to be a prank and someone fell for it. But it appears that there is indeed that somebody who is willing to pay the price for the promised experience. Essentially, availing the pack assures the buyer of a few real-life perks nobody gets easily in a real-life scenario, such as leading a movie. And it is indeed just that—having the chance to become a lead actor to an up-and-coming video game-based movie.

Aside from potentially becoming the next Hollywood action star, the promo also offers the buyer the development of an operator based on their likeness. In addition to having said operator its own weapon and strike, and having any place become a map in-game.

World War 3’s CBT will take place between November 2021 and March 2022. It’s also slated for launch as a free-to-play title on Spring 2022.

Image used courtesy of World War 3/YouTube Screenshot

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