‘Sonic Storm’ is a fan-made fusion between ‘Sonic’ and ‘Jet Set Radio’


The fan-made game, Sonic Storm, takes inspiration from two classic video game IPs, Sonic and Jet Set Radio.

What do you get when you combine two of the industry’s highest velocity titles? For a team consisting of fans of such titles, it’s the game that combines the fast-paced nature of Sonic and the visuals reminiscent of Jet set Radio. The graphics part exhibits an almost retro 3D look that sits somewhere between PS1 and PS2. A SEGA Dreamcast-like quality, more likely.

The aesthetics will not necessarily win the game any award, though. At least, not in its current state. But it nevertheless runs in full 3D and offers an open-world environment, full of rails, jumps, and secrets. This is probably what many fans of the franchise may have been eagerly waiting for for a long time. Some even go to the extent of such a claim.

A complete package

More than a showcase of a possibility for a Sonic title, the project as it appears is comprehensive in scope. Visuals aside, this meant having an original score as well as a voiceover, mimicking the source material.

Speaking to their followers on Discord, creator Azura Hardware talks about the premise for the developing project’s story. Which, as exciting as it sounds like, involves two of the series’ popular rival characters. “Sonic and Shadow set their differences aside to take down Robotnik,” said Azura Hardware.

Jet Set Radio influence

Going beyond just Sonic as inspiration to the endeavor, the developer continues to explain how it gathers intuition from Jet Set Radio. More accurately, how more so it takes inspiration from it than the previously mentioned title, gameplay-wise.

“It’s unique in the sense that the gameplay style isn’t really derived from any existing Sonic game. It plays closest to Jet Set Radio with way tighter controls and without the slipping about”.

As for the characters that will be featured in-game, the developers made a sophisticated choice in their selection. Namely, six of them, which include Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Rouge, Metal Sonic, and Robotnik. But there’s even a surprising twist regarding one of the franchise’s another popular figure, Amy:

“Everyone else (apart from Amy who gets a significant role change) isn’t canon in the Storm timeline”.

Test drive it

Currently a developing project, players can take a taste at the game by playing demos for free. Alternatively, for those merely curious about seeing the best parts of the game, there’s also a brief video to go through for them.

Image used courtesy of The Sonic Storm Channel/YouTube Screenshot

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