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Sony announces first batch of PS5-ready TVs


Are you looking for a SMART TV that is PS5- ready? Worry no more! Sony unveiled its first batch of PS5-ready TVs with 4k visuals in 120fps.

Aren’t all TVs ready for PS5?

Yes, all TVs will be PlayStation 5 compatible – and most modern TVs will have game modes with low latency. But Sony wants to highlight something different here.

Console gamers will inevitably dream of a full screen with high-resolution, low latency game modes with high visuals. For PlayStation 5 users, this dream will soon come true as Sony unveils its first batch of PS5-ready TVs.

As promised during CES this year, Sony finally announced a series of PS5- ready TVs. Bet all of you are excited about this series of PS5-ready TVs, so here is the line-up:

1st Batch PS5-ready TVs

  • X900H/XH90 4K HDR
  • Z8H/ZH8 8K HDR Full-Array LED TV

Sony fulfilled its promises they shared with the last CES by bringing together all these series of PS5-ready TVs with ultra-low latency Game Modes that bring 4k visuals to 120 fps. Sony’s PS5-ready TVs will have a PS5 Dual Sense Gamepad, and its remote controller can be a console controller.

Since both of X900H and Z8H come with Dual Sense Gamepad, users can turn on both the TV and console. It supports next-generation gaming features like auto-switching.

PS5-Ready TVs cost

The X900H seems to be the compatible companion with PlayStation 5, as it’s much cheaper compared to other competitors. It costs $999/£1,299, making it a feasible companion for the console. Bet you want to have it now!

While the Z8H Sony got a whopping price of $5,999, most people would prefer the X900H over this one. That would be another dream for all gamers to have the Z8H.

What makes Sony’s TV different among others?

Televisions nowadays are capable of gaming since they can adapt to low latency game modes. What makes this Sony PS5-ready TV is that all of its 2020 TVs have HDMI 2.1 ports that aid or support 4k/120Hz, meaning that whatever the next console is developed, this can accommodate.

All sets support variable refresh rates that allow the TV refresh rate for the console output to be synchronized. The effects will leave you in awe—no screen-tearing and no judder.

It is also embedded with the Acoustic Surface Audio Technology feature. This innovation is where the sounds are rooted on the screen of the television, as reported by Tech Radar.

The HDMI 2.1 Port seems to be integrated now across other devices. Brands like LG, Samsung, and others.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube Screenshot

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