Sony delays PS5 event in respect for the Black Lives Matter

Sony unveils new DualSense wireless controller for the PS5

Sony takes the backseat to “allow more important voices to be heard,” postpones highly anticipated PS5 event.

Playstation enthusiasts and gamers, in general, will surely be disappointed to know that the upcoming PS5 Future of Gaming event is being delayed by Sony.

Future of Gaming uncertain?

Sony has decided to take the backseat and delay its long-awaited PS5 games showcase event. This is in light of the recent event surrounding the unjust killing of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, while under police custody.

According to Sony, it is not the right time for a celebration.

“We have decided to postpone the PlayStation 5 event scheduled for June 4. While we understand gamers worldwide are excited to see PS5 games, we do not feel that right now is a time for celebration,” Sony explains in a statement posted on Twitter. “For now, we want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.”

When will the PS5 games showcase happen?

Unfortunately, Sony did not provide any details as to when they will finally hold the PS5 games reveal.

Sony intended for the event to be where they will announce the games to come to the PS5. Because of the risks posed by the coronavirus, Sony planned for an all-digital event. It would’ve been streamed on the official Playstation website if not for the postponement.

Other modes of streaming are the official Playstation YouTube and Twitch channels.

Not the only one

Sony isn’t the only gaming entity to express support to the black community following George Floyd’s murder. Naughty Dog, the developer of The Last of Us and the upcoming The Last of Us Part IIalso earlier condemned anti-black racism and violence.

EA Sports was also set to hold an event to announce the new Madden NFL 21 but also canceled in support of the protests.

Sony had also released a statement on Twitter to denouncing racism and violence against the black community. This was released an hour before the company announced the postponement of the PS5 event.

Widespread protests are taking place in many major US cities. It began last week after a video depicting how Floyd died at the hands of police officers made rounds online. The protests soon escalated into an uprising and showed shocking police brutality. Rioters and looters are also taking advantage of the protests.

With the uncertainty that comes with the massive protests, one thing is for certain. Sony would have to wait a while before they can make an official games reveal for the PS5.


Image courtesy of Sony Playstation

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