Sony denies rumors about PlayStation 5 October release date

Sony denies rumors about PlayStation 5 October release date

Multinational tech giant Sony officially shot down rumors suggesting an October PlayStation 5 launch, claiming that the listing was an error.

Rumors of a release date for the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 began swirling when a recent job listing hinted at an October launch for the next-generation console.

Sony has since cleared the air by officially stating that the month was added by mistake and that the PlayStation 5 is definitely not confirmed for October.

The fallacious job posting

The job listing in question was hosted on a recruitment site in Japan and was established for an opening at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

A Japan-based publication recently reached out to Sony for confirmation, to which they clarified that the details were false, and had been mistakenly posted by the recruitment company.

Check out the full statement below:

“Recruit Career has posted a job offering for Sony Interactive Entertainment on May 1, 2020, which included incorrect information that the expected release date of PlayStation5 is October 2020.

“This expected release date was based on incorrect information which was posted by Recruit Career without confirmation by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

“We have deleted this post and deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

PlayStation 5 launch lineup reveal

Unlike Microsoft, who has been happily flaunting their Xbox Series X and some of its launch titles every chance they get, Sony has been pretty tight-lipped about most things PlayStation 5.

They have made it known, however, that they’re planning to “introduce a compelling lineup of titles soon” for the upcoming console. The rather ambiguous statement was mentioned during a recent meeting of investors.

Reveals of this magnitude would normally call for a large-scale event, the majority of which, including E3, have been scrapped on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is known, so far

Little over a month ago, Sony unveiled the DualSense—the PlayStation 5’s default controller.

Aside from the obvious change in aesthetics, the new gamepad will feature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which should add to the immersion factor.

The controllers will also utilize a USB-C port compared to the micro ones used by the PlayStation 4.

In addition to the DualSense, Sony also disclosed information regarding the PlayStation Studios—a new branding that is meant to unify Sony’s first-party games.

For games that will be developed or produced in-house, a short animation will be played before any advertisement or promotion, and a new logo will be stamped on box arts and other materials.

Sony has yet to announced any updates regarding the PlayStation 5’s release. With the fall 2020 target fast approaching, we should be hearing news fairly soon.

Image courtesy of PlayStation

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