Sony finally addresses PlayStation 5 price concerns

Jim Ryan has finally addressed the Playstation 5 price concerns. The CEO also shares why it’s not the right time to release the console.

Sony reacts to the rumors that the Playstation 5 price will be extremely expensive. Also, the company was highly praised in yesterday’s PlayStation 5 reveal event.

However, others were disappointed with the company for not revealing how much the console will cost. Nonetheless, most can expect that the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be priced lower than the full version.

Jim Ryan speaks out

In a recent interview with the PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan discussed the economic uncertainty emanating from the pandemic’s effect on the global economy. He honestly said that they had doubts if 2020 might be a bad year to release the next generation console.

Further, the CEO acknowledged that the video game industry could stand strong against any kind of recession. However, he did confess that the current situation needs to be taken seriously.

He guaranteed that Sony and the PlayStation team will be more vigilant than ever to ensure that the PlayStation 5 and its upcoming games will be adored by the fans.

Price announcements

Ryan’s statements are not a testimony that the PlayStation will be inexpensive or more costly, like most rumors are suggesting. A recent report exposed that the PlayStation 5 will have limited supply during launch.

That is because Sony is expecting that an expensive console will lead to lower demand. It means that most fans of the console will have to wait before they could get their hands on the most awaited device.

A few analysts suggest that the PlayStation 5 price will linger along $500(730 AUD). It seems like Sony and Microsoft are waiting for each other to reveal their prices before they release theirs in an attempt to undermine each other.

Opting for the digital edition

Concerns about the PlayStation 5 price, causing poor sales might have been the reason why Sony is releasing the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. It could be what the CEO meant when he stated that Sony is doing everything they can to provide a reasonable value for their console.

The PlayStation 5’s digital edition will not have an optical drive. While players won’t be able to use discs, a disc-less console should be more affordable.

However, this would also mean that the digital edition will not support backwards compatibility. The price of the full version or the digital edition remains unconfirmed.  Nevertheless, it does confirm that the gaming community won’t have to worry about the Playstation 5 price being really expensive.

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