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Sony Japan’s mascot gets mobile title with ‘Toro and Friends: Onsen Town’


The anthropomorphic cat and Sony Japan’s iconic mascot, Toro Inoue, is getting a mobile title with Toro and Friends: Onsen Town, which mixes the gameplay of Candy Crush and town-building simulation.

Making for another entry into the match-three puzzling genre, Onsen Town follows similar gameplay as Candy Crush. But instead of using treats, the game makes use of fruits to link and create lines of three and earn points as a result.

Plain Amusing

Simplistic yet fun, the core gameplay is extended, thanks to the mobile title’s vast 300 stages. That’s going from one stage to the next and not feeling that the game is ending soon enough. It is easily translating to tens and tens of hours of fun gameplay, especially for fans who fell in love with the game.

When players are not hooked to the game’s colorful and mildly thought-provoking puzzles, they will be spending time at the Atsuma-sora. A town that has seen degradation through the time, which players can invest in and renovate.

Giving players purpose to clear the game’s puzzle gameplay is indeed to do just that—to restore the town to its former glory—one which players can attain by earning coins after every subsequent completion of the game’s fruit-busting puzzles.

Making the simulation aspect of the game also personal than just utilitarian, players can choose to decorate their rooms. The game gives the players leeway in putting whatever furniture and however, in their unique virtual space.

The titular protagonist may be fine as he is, but the game makes Toro appeal longer by introducing costumes he could wear. Such as a “chick” costume as displayed from the official Toro and Friends website.

Meet the Gang

Toro may indeed be the highlight of the game. But there are also other characters to see which mainly Japanese audiences will recognize. They include a variety of figures from the Doko Demo franchise, which sadly did not see an English localization.

Those characters include Jun (Rabbit), Pierre (Dog), Ricky (Frog), Suzuki (Robot), and Kuro (Cat).

However, players who had played either Street Fighter X Tekken or PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will likely discern Kuro. Toro’s sidekick and a cat of contrasting color (dark) to his, who also appeared in the aforementioned titles.

Making for a debut into the franchise is yet another cat, this time a blue one, named Sora.

Toro and Friends: Onsen Town is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Players can expect the game to become playable on June 23, 2020.

Pre-registration is also ongoing, which grants registrants bonuses, depending on whether a certain is reached.

Image used courtesy of 羽鶴パズル/YouTube Screenshot

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