Sony launches ‘PlayStation Studios’, comes with a Marvel-esque introduction

'PlayStation Studios' Official Logo

Sony has set up a new milestone with the founding of the PlayStation Studios for its future first-party titles and it comes with a trailer that is reminiscent of Marvel’s familiar presentation.

Sony’s first-party titles will soon incorporate the same video introduction on games developed directly by the company.

Hallmarked Exclusive Titles

Known for its exclusive titles, such as Uncharted, God of War, etc., one of the highlights of the intro are the games. The very same titles that gave the console a significant edge in the gaming space that subsequently made it into a dominating figure.

The video introduction mostly pays tribute to those games, aside from the apparent debut of the PlayStation Studios brand. But with the PS4 nearing the end of its lifecycle, it seems likely that the presentation is subject to change. Mostly, with the addition of new IPs or update to existing ones that are exclusive for the platform.

To date, only a few games are rumored for exclusive release on the PlayStation 5. They include the awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us Part II. While the sequel to the former is still a topic of speculation, the latter is already confirmed after having gone gold.

The Last of Us Part II is also already confirmed to bear PlayStation Studios’ shiny and dynamic label—something we will all see not too long now. As is also Ghosts of Tsushima to bear the same brand.

One Label, Great Quality Games

As premised, the intent of the PlayStation Studios is to bring Sony’s first-party exclusive titles under a single brand. Eric Lempel, SIE head of global marketing, claims that the brand is meant to exemplify quality that fans can recognize.

Gamers are likely to see the animated intro by playing future Sony exclusive titles. But there are also other avenues for the same material. For example, Sony’s future advertisements pertaining to games and game trailers will also feature the animated logo.

As for the development of the PlayStation 5, the console is still in the works as it prepares for release late this year.

Nevertheless, also hearsay suggests that Sony wants to delay the console’s launch for much later. That is, in light of the ongoing crisis that affected many businesses, even those in the mighty gaming industry.

Sony is taking the right step towards solidifying its position in the business with the establishment of PlayStation Studios. However, it will take more than just a fancy ever-changing logo to convince the audiences of what it wants to insinuate.

Image used courtesy of YouTube/PlayStation

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