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Sony launching a new PS Store, will remove support for legacy consoles


Sony is rebuilding the PlayStation Store from the ground-up as it is set to launch a new version for both web and mobile later this month. Coincidentally, it will also be removing support for legacy consoles such as PSP, PS3, and PS Vita as part of the change.

The major project appears to be in preparation for the company’s up and coming next-gen console. Which, seemingly, sets a new era of gaming for the Japanese company.

Good enough, but could be better

The PlayStation Store, at its current state, is not necessarily a cumbersome platform to navigate. With a live presence for many years, the PS Store is solid enough to cater to consumers’ demand for digital content to their respective Sony platforms.

However, this does not mean that the platform is perfect and doesn’t have space for improvement. The mobile app version, specifically, often sees complaints about being a little too cumbersome instead of easy to use. A problem that Sony is apparently willing to address in order to drive engagement, especially for the upcoming PS5.

With the introduction of the disk drive-less, Digital Edition of the PlayStation, the PS Store expects to see surging demand as soon as it launches. A better, more user-friendly platform is definitely a key to making good impressions early in the console’s lifespan.

Removing the clutter is indeed the major drive to the creation of the new version of the PS Store. But there’s also another good reason why Sony is starting from scratch and not just make a massive amendment with the existing. The new platform will, moving forward, be seeing major highlights over the PS4 and PS5, which means that Sony’s legacy consoles—PSP, PS3, and PS Vita—are subject to the removal process as well.

Native app to the rescue

The idea of ditching the aforementioned consoles from Sony’s digital storefront may be dismaying for many who already are invested in them. But the company is not totally ridding access to the consoles as they can get their hands on their existing contents via the native application. However, the alteration will prevent the purchasing of games from the new PS Store once the change has gone full force.

In addition, applications, avatars, and themes for the PlayStation 4 will see remotion as well. The entire user base’s database of wish list themselves is also subject to eradication as part of the overall transition.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation Asia/YouTube

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