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Sony needs to stop ‘PS5 console exclusives’ madness


Sony recently had its showcase event, showing off all the PS5 console exclusives at launch. At the same time, the Japanese company puts a big asterisk on its exclusivity.

Along with the many potential PS5 console exclusives, some showed they’re also coming out on PC. Games like Demon’s Souls and Final Fantasy XVI comes to mind. While it’s understandable why they’re doing it, this attitude is questionable.

So-called Playstation 5 “exclusives” also available on PC

In their recent showcase, Sony showed off multiple games for PS5 at launch. The company claimed exclusivity with these titles, but with a big asterisk. The asterisk refers to a small disclaimer at the bottom, saying the game will come to PC too.

Among these games, Demon’s Souls and Final Fantasy XVI created the biggest buzz. Demon’s Souls is a game that PC gamers asked for since the early years of Dark Souls. Final Fantasy is also having a resurgence on PC too.

Even then, Sony eventually pushed to remove such references later on. They note that these are human errors and claim that the games are exclusives “for now.” While it’s easy to understand why Sony can string Demon’s Souls, it doesn’t make sense with FF16.

Sony needs to admit if games are coming to PC

Demon’s Souls is a first-party IP for Sony. They have a stake in it, and they have every right to control it. Final Fantasy and Square Enix, however, are independent from them. The trailer itself had “The following content is captured on PC emulating the PS5 experience” and ended with “PlayStation Console Exclusive* *Also available on PC.”

Such an attitude is shady and weird. Square Enix has 13 Final Fantasy titles on PC. They’re selling well, and Square Enix knows that PC is a robust market for them.

Marking their game as PS5 console exclusives after the fact is disingenuous. It reminds players of Sony’s PS3 days when they had little competition and became arrogant. It eventually resulted in Sony crashing and losing out.

Understandably, the Japanese company is going all-in on its mantra. The “console-exclusivity” strategy is a great way to sell out their games. Keeping eyes focused on PS5 instead of Xbox or PC is important.

Even then, obfuscation and shady marketing don’t say anything good. Gamers reward honest and transparent behavior when they see it. CD Projekt Red is a good example of such an attitude, and it pays dividends.

There’s nothing wrong with PS5 console exclusives. Even then, playing dumb about potential PC ports and then going back on their word is hairy business. Sony should stop being sleazy about PC; otherwise, a similar situation to the PS3 pricing debacle will happen again.

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