Sony offers discounted top rated games for PlayStation 4

Sony is again offering huge discounts on the PlayStation Store with some top rated games for only 30AUD.

Sony is helping people live through the boredom brought by the quarantine with another big PlayStation 4 sale on its major games. Popular and top rated games are available for just around 30AUD or less online.

Just last week, Sony announced the “Big in Japan” sale where over 300 games are offered with up to 70% discount. Yesterday, Sony put up another promo with “Games under $20” which will run until May 13, 2020.

This is an amazing opportunity for every PlayStation 4 fan to take advantage of and get all the titles on their wishlist. Below is a list of the cheapest yet top rated games available on the ongoing sale:

Devil May Cry 5

After a wonderful remake of the 2013 Devil May Cry game, the classic hack and slash series made a return last year with renowned Devil May Cry 5.The game lets players control Dante and Nero as well as a mysterious new character named V.

It is a sly looking RPG game that was highly praised by critics. It has achieved a rating of 88% on Metacritic and a 9/10. The game is usually priced at $50(76AUD) on the PlayStation Store but is now available at just $25(38AUD) until May 9.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins is about Egypt’s ancient history will take gamers side by side with historical figures while exploring the sandy old deserts. The game has been released three years ago but will indulge players into dozens of quests and hours of fun. For just $15 on the PlayStation Store, it’s not a bad deal.

Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition

Talking about remakes, Capcom has been amazingly good in bringing back their old games on the PlayStation 4. Last month. The company released the most awaited remake of Resident Evil 3 which got high reviews.

However, it couldn’t beat the Resident Evil 2 remake released earlier this year. Help Leon and Claire escape the zombie infested Raccoon City for just $23(35AUD).

Final Fantasy 7

The remake of Final Fantasy 7 was released earlier this month but was only a piece if the original Final Fantasy 7 story. It takes Cloud, Tifa and the rest of the gang up until the part where they have to leave Midgar.

The remake can be finished in just 40 hours but the whole remake is just 7 hours on the original game. Players who are can’t wait to see what happens next can purchase the whole original game during the sale for just $8(12AUD).

Featured image courtesy of PlayStation Universe/Website Screenshot

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