Sony receives a patent for a pop-up and pop-down mechanism for its new device

Sony just received a unique patent for a future Sony labeled smartphone in the future.

The patent shows that the phone will have two pop-out mechanisms one on top and one on the bottom. Truth be told that the smartphone industry is facing a huge climb towards providing the market with groundbreaking new features.

The next big thing is 5G, but that feature is limited to the internal specs of a phone. Camera systems have been maxed out. Screens have been stretched to a full-screen display. Internal memory capacities have been blown up to extreme limits.

Some companies rely on stopgap features while waiting for the next big thing, and Sony seems to be riding on that train too.

Dual moving mechanism

The Japan-based company hasn’t shown very strong performances in the global market in recent years. Nevertheless, the company still has a huge following in its home market in Japan. Soon, the company might unveil a unique phone never seen before.

Sony has received a patent from the World Intellectual Property Office for what seems to be a dual moving mechanism phone. The smartphone will not only have a pop-up camera but will also have a pop-down accessory.

Both the pop-up accessories shall span the entire width of the phone similar to the Oppo Find X innovation in 2018. The pop-up part isn’t unique to the possibly new Sony phone.

Several other global smartphone companies have adopted that technology. Unfortunately, the fad didn’t last long because moving mechanisms in phones make the phone vulnerable. The feature makes the phone less airtight thereby making the phone less waterproof. The moving mechanism also has a limited number of triggers before it completely breaks down.

Stereo speakers focus

Sony isn’t wasting the real estate that the mechanisms will have. In fact, the patents show that the pop-out accessories will house the speakers for the phone. When making a call, the pop-up accessory will be triggered to bring out the earpiece.

The pop-down, on the other hand, is triggered by the pop-up when a media with stereo audio is played.

According to the patent, the pop-outs will move according to the audio being played on the phone. When the sound of the video moves towards the right or the left, the mechanisms will follow the movement like an accordion being played.

Instantly, the question begged to be asked here is how many times can these mechanisms be triggered before completely breaking down. Sony definitely has several things to work out here as holding the phone is already a big problem. Nevertheless, the idea for a purely sound-centric phone will be intriguing for some audiophiles.

Image courtesy of N.Z.Photography/Shutterstock

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