Sony receives help from Rick and Morty for its trailer

Sony and Dan Harmon have decided to join hands and collaborate for the new PS5 trailer, and it is hilarious.

Sony PlayStation 5 has two new endorsers — Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith of the famous “Rick and Morty” cartoon.

What occurred: the animated characters from the adult-themed TV display carry their characteristic style of humor in an industrial for Sony’s gaming console.

“All right, Morty, go talk approximately the thing — they paid us a lot,” the mad scientist tells his bemused grandson, even as he counts a wad of cash in the heritage.

As Morty rushes to listing the console’s capabilities while filming their promotional fabric, Rick goads his grandson impatiently from behind earlier than ultimately saying, “f*cking buy it.”

Dan Harmon teased about the duo

Previously, Rick and Morty have been endorsed into trailers and Dan Harmon says, “We think that the brand name is something we have built in the form of our characters. I think that the new promo of the PS5 and the launch has been in talks for a few years.”

“Also, I personally think it was a fun experience for me. It comes to proper usage as we are rolling in a new season for development, added the co-creator of the Adult Swim show.

Rick and Morty’s endorsement comes as Sony has been struggling recently to meet the high call for its ultra-modern gaming consoles.

The customers find it tough to buy the brand new console as substances are walking dry everywhere besides at resellers.


Meanwhile, reseller corporations use era and roping inside individuals’ offerings to mop up consoles from outlets, with one organization made of a dozen contributors securing 3,500 consoles to promote to customers, in line with commercial enterprise insiders.

Simultaneously, as the official charge tag for a digital edition, PS5 is $399 and $499 for the console geared up with an ultra HD Blu-ray disc power, they’re being offered for upwards of $800 on StockX, a reseller website.

Are there any new talks for collaboration?

“No, we are not ready to look for any collab right now for the brand here right here. We think that this was a one-time project for every one of us right here. PlayStation is endorsed, and I think you can see Morty playing with the brand unit in the series itself. Other than that, we have no extension right now.”

In the meantime, you can see the brand duo promoting the console with an extensive note.


Image courtesy of Adult Swim/YouTube Screenshot

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