Sony releases successfully crowdfunded wearable air-conditioner to stores

Sony releases Reon Pocket, a wearable air-conditioner

Sony has finally released it’s portable air-conditioner called the Reon Pocket and it may be the next big thing for people on the go.

With Sony’s hype of releasing the PlayStation 5 soon, it may also be worth checking other products that it’s currently offering.

With its first reveal last year with an intended release to coincide with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the crowdfunded project has now hit online stores. An updated video from First Flight JP, Sony’s innovation platform, was also released last week.

Since it’s also the summer season in other countries such as Korea and the U.S., this is the perfect time to get a pocket air-conditioner. This is also a way for Sony to reduce carbon emissions by providing eco-friendly products.

A portable cooler/heater that can fit inside your shirt

The Reon Pocket comes with a special t-shirt with a back pocket located near the neckline where you can place the device. Not only does the product support cooling but also heating during the winter season.

Furthermore, The pocket air-conditioner also comes with an app for Android and iOS wherein the user can set their preferred temperature. The Reon Pocket can communicate with the mobile app via Bluetooth.

Sony releases Reon Pocket, a wearable air-conditioner

The product also features motion-sensing technology developed at Sony’s R&D center. This technology enables appropriate temperature adjustment. So the device can leave either a cold or warm sensation on the neck depending on the season or the user’s setting or activity.

This amazing innovation for commuters can also deliver up to 3.5 hours of battery life and takes around two hours to charge completely via USB Type C.

The team behind the innovation project

Yoichi Ito is the project leader for the Reon Pocket. He has been in Sony since 2007 where he engaged in software development for home audio products.

He is also part of a business creation department since 2014 where he and his team try to think of possible innovations, particularly for apparel.

In 2017, Ito met a Satoshi Asano, a marketer who specialized in the fashion field through product releases for new businesses.

Sony unveils Reon Pocket, a wearable air-conditioner

Later on, Yoichi and his team immediately worked on the hardware development through the “StartDash Prototyping” provided by Sony Startup Acceleration Program.

The robustness of the prototyping program was able to produce the results they needed to get the Reon Pocket up and running. In less than a year, they were able to get the proper funding and they were able to release it to the public.

You can get this portable air-conditioner and the dedicated innerwear for only 14,800 yen [AU$ 197] on the Sony online store.

Images courtesy of Reon Pocket/Sony, First Flight (Sony)

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