Sony reveals brand new merchandise for ‘God Of War’ 2nd anniversary

Sony reveals brand new merchandise for ‘God Of War’ 2nd anniversary

Two years ago, Sony made one of their biggest gambles for this console generation by releasing God of War, a sequel sans reboot of sorts that continues the epic yet harrowing tale of Kratos.

This gamble paid off big time, as God of War snagged a ton of year-end video game awards, sold over 10 million copies within a year, and received critical acclaim both among players and journalists alike.

With a sequel all but confirmed in the near future – one that will put Kratos and his son Atreus directly at odds with the Norse gods – hardcore fans of the series are anxious to new content that provides more backstories and lore for this amazing universe. To perhaps best capitalize on this, Sony officially celebrated the second anniversary of Kratos’ successful reentry after years in hiatus with this PlayStation blog post, highlighting various fan creations as well as announcing some new merchandise which is sure to be a hit with the series’ biggest fans.

Lore and Legends

Sony and developer Santa Monica Studio announced in the blog post a brand-new collaboration with renowned book publisher Dark Horse, which will hopefully bring Atreus’ journal to life in full detail and color from God of War. Titled Lore and Legends, this hardcover book is written closely with the God of War team to bring the authentic Nine Realms experience at your fingertips. It’s a chronicling of Kratos and Atreus’ journey in God of War, in addition to giving out expanded lore entries, a detailed bestiary, dossiers on the game’s characters, and many more. You can check out a sneak peek for yourself as well as pre-order by clicking the link here.

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Busts and posters galore

If you’re a bigger fan of figures and busts rather than pages and words, then Sony’s collaboration with Gaming Heads may be right up your alley. The next installment of life-sized Kratos busts features the eponymous god of war in all his glory during his Norse Era days. It stands at 25 inches tall and is expertly crafted using in-game files, with the finer, minute details intricately painted by hand for recreation like no other. That said, this piece seems to be reserved for the series’ most diehard fans, as the production run ended at 500 units. You can check out more details about this amazing bust here.

The anniversary celebration also includes a brand-new poster from Lineage Studios, which features some of the most fearsome foes Kratos and Atreus faced in their journey – the Valkyries. It’s probably the cheapest of the three, so if you want to show off your fanboy colors for the series without breaking the bank too much, this stylish poster might just be for you. Check out more details here.

God of War is now available to play exclusively on PlayStation 4. A sequel is currently in the works.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation Blog.

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