Sony reveals PlayStation 5 Digital Edition without the disc drive

Sony revealed the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition during the last minutes of their streaming event. The digital edition will not have a disc drive.

Sony has unveiled its next-generation consoles, which will be available later this year. However, fans were shocked to learn that a special PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will also be released, which has no support for optical discs.

Introducing the Digital Edition

The two PlayStations have similar designs. It features a sleek black and white finish, curvy sides, and blue LED lights.

Similar to its predecessor, they can operate while standing vertically or even while lying flat on the table. However, they appear to rest on some kind of stand either way.

The disc-free version of the PlayStation 5 can only play games downloaded on the PlayStation Store. It means players will need to have a PlayStation account signed in as well as buy a few credits to play the game.

It is slightly slimmer compared to the full edition of the PlayStation 5. Experts presume that it will also be cheaper than the full edition, but Sony stated that they would announce its prices on a later date.

The Digital Version also appears to have one less button on the front. It can be deduced that the Digital Version will only need a power button since the eject disc button will be basically useless on the device.


However, fans will have to wait for a more in-depth presentation showing the PlayStation 5 working in the real world.

Sony also didn’t announce the prices of the two new consoles. It is similar to the decision made by Microsoft when they revealed the Xbox Series X earlier this year.

Fans still don’t know yet if there will be a significant price difference between the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. However, the digital-only Xbox One S was priced $50 lower than the standard model.

A missing disc drive might only be pleasing to players who want a better-looking gadget and are sure that all their games will be bought digitally.

However, a PlayStation without a disc drive will also mean players will not be able to use it as a Blu-ray player. Hopefully, Sony will give the Digital Edition a much meaningful price difference.

Same Specs

PlayStation 5’s technical specifications were previously revealed in another event. It features an SSD that will undoubtedly reduce game loading time and allow massive open-world games to be explored faster.

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will also have the same technical specifications as the full version.

Featured image courtesy of Jk02 Gaming/Youtube Screenshot

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