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Sony says ‘Demon’s Souls’ for PC mention is an error


Sony is now going back on one of the details for Demon’s Souls. After announcing a next-gen version of the game for PC, they are now saying it was a mistake.

At Sony’s PS5 showcase, a remake of the Dark Souls predecessor Demon’s Souls came out. The trailer shows off a new and improved game and more details for it. What made it exciting was a side detail, saying it will be available for PC.

Sony is now walking back on this information, saying the game will be exclusive. The Japanese company notes the mention was a “human error.”

FromSoftware’s game is the grand poobah of Soulslikes

FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls first came out in 2009. While it was less successful than its successor Dark Souls, it started the genre altogether. It was the prototype Soulslike that made games hard, impossible, and inaccessible.

With this granddaddy of all Soulslikes, players had to “git gud.” They had to wrestle controls against the game and fight waves after waves of bosses. Now, the game is coming out for next-gen through the PS5.

The game, however, was missing one important feature: it didn’t come to PC. Souls games are great with controllers, but a PC version is always crucial. PC titles were moddable, allowing for improvements in the game’s performance.

Much of this was apparent when Dark Souls first came out to PC. The port was unplayable until a modder improved upon the code. Now, the performance mod is quintessential to anyone who wants to play the game.

The announcement first showed that the title is also coming out to PC. Now, Sony is saying the “also available on PC” was “an incorrect text was a result of human error.”

There’s hope for Demon’s Souls on PC

Fans of Demon’s Souls who want it for PC should not feel disheartened at the moment. Sony is yet to clarify if the game is a timed exclusive for the Playstation 5. Final Fantasy XVI also has the same problem.

Sony, when asked for further clarification on the type of exclusivity, declined to comment. They simply reiterated that FromSoftware’s game is “exclusive to PlayStation 5.” Why Sony is saying so is anybody’s guess, but there are a few potential reasons.

Sony doesn’t want to steal the thunder from the Playstation 5 unveiling. Like any console, they still believe that PC is a competitor. The last thing they want is to take away potential players for such a classic remake.

The upcoming Demon’s Souls remake won’t be a one-to-one remake either. The game will add new boss animations, smoother animation, and better art direction. The title will even have new modes, together with changes to its graphical settings.

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