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Sony shuts down a company’s plan to sell custom PS5 covers


Sony reportedly shuts down Customize My Plates’ plan to sell custom PS5 covers; the latter cancels all pre-orders.

The original custom plates company Customize My Plates cancels all the pre-orders of the customized PS5 plates after a threat from Sony. Further, they are also processing the refunds for the pre-orders.

Can we customize our Sony PS5?

We have been following the event to the PlayStation 5’s November 12th release date. As per a report from Engadget, PlateStation has been emerging since mid-October to propose a method for people to customize their new console.

According to that report, the startup proposed to sell the future PS5 owners a set of plates to replace the PS5’s standard white ones for $40.

Moreover, at the time, we could purchase (pre-order) the plates in a variety of colors, including blue, cherry red, black, chromatic silver, or jungle camo. Though, no more due to the warning of a legal lawsuit from Sony.

However, across the weekend, PlateStation has rebranded its name to Customize My Plates. They have said that they “had to” withdraw all plate orders due to “patent and intellectual property issues.”

Further, the company told the Video Game Chronicles (VGC) that lawyers from Sony said to them that Customize My Plates would “end up in court” if it proceeds to sell the plates.

Although it seems like a less luxurious option, the company has shifted its focus into producing vinyl skins for the PS5.

Sony’s awaiting release

After the disruption in launching its PlayStation 5 earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sony decided to seek an “end-of-the-year-launch.” However, the excitement and hype remain the same.

Fans are going crazy as they keep listening to the news about the upcoming gaming console.

Sony finally revealed the hardware of the upcoming PS5 in a teardown video last month. The hardware reveals further creates hype and excitement in the hearts of the gamers.

The video mainly shows a Sony mechanical executive showing different console parts as he keeps disintegrating it part-by-part.

He mainly discusses the PS5’s physical structure. Moreover, he describes its technical specifications, such as CPU, GPU, Storage, and more.

Click here for a full report on the teardown video.

Nonetheless, the wait will be over soon as we reach closer to its launch. The PS5 launches on November 12th, 2020, in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea. And on November 19th, 2020, for the rest of the world.

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